[The following resolution was adopted by the UTK Faculty Senate on March 1, 1999.]

Whereas the currently proposed four-lane parkway and bridge linking the two campuses appears to be in conflict with the University's Master Plan and with the goal of a pedestrian-friendly campus, and whereas many members of the faculty and staff and many students have expressed concerns about the effect of this parkway on pedestrian safety, the campus environment, and the University's academic mission, particularly on the agriculture campus, the UTK Faculty Senate recommends to the University President and to the Tennessee Department of Transportation:

1. That the project be halted temporarily to allow for careful study of all aspects of the plan, including, but not limited to, its potential effects on the campus and local environment, the academic mission of the university, traffic flow and pedestrian safety

2. That during this hiatus there be ample time and opportunity for comments from the public and the university community, and

3. That these comments be considered carefully in an open planning process before the project is resumed.

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