[The following resolution was adopted by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate on February 11, 1980.]

Whereas, there has been much controversy on the UTK campus about the future administration and program of the Black Cultural Center, and

Whereas, charges of institutional racism at UTK have circulated in the public press, and

Whereas, the Black Cultural Center should be an important component of the educational program at UTK and the UTK faculty is interested in its future well-being, and

Whereas, the faculty of UTK is committed to providing a quality educational environment for students of all races, colors, and creeds

Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, acting through its Executive Committee
1) recognizes and supports Chancellor Jack E. Reese's long-standing and continuing personal and institutional commitment to affirmative action, the elimination of all racial prejudice and bias at UTK, and the development of UTK as a quality educational institution open to students of all races, colors and creeds.

2) recognizes and supports efforts of the UTK administration and interested students to negotiate in good faith concerning the operation of the Black Cultural Center.

3) recognizes the need to maintain order on the UTK campus, and supports the Chancellor in his decision to secure the Black Cultural Center.

4) offers its full support for all efforts to strengthen UTK's program for minority students and to develop a strong and effective program for the Black Cultural Center. The Faculty Senate urges all members of the University Community to do likewise.

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