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Courses Taught at the University of Tennessee

101 United States Government and Politics (3) Introduction to fundamental institutions and processes of American national politics including the Constitution, voting, the Presidency, the Congress and the courts.

102 Introduction to Political Science (3) Introduction to politics and political systems emphasizing government in a cross-national and global perspective. Focus on the knowledge and principal concerns of political science as a social science.

107 Honors: United States Government and Politics (3) Analysis and exploration of the American political system for students with superior ability.

312 Popular Culture and American Politics (3) Popular culture related to American politics and government focusing on the role of film, television,fiction, music, drama, art, and sports. Writing-emphasis course.

330 Law in American Society (3) Law as a process through which social problems are addressed in the United States. Examples from caselaw, legislation, and administrative regulation. Writing-emphasis course.

341 Judicial Process and Policymaking (3) Courts as components of political systems and public policy-making through judicial decision-making.

420 Political Attitudes and Behavior (3) Systematic examination of political attitudes, public opinion, and political behavior.

430 United States Constitutional Law: Sources of Power and Restraint (3) Judicial review, constitutional powers of the President and Congress, federalism, sources of regulatory authority, and constitutional protection of political and economic rights.

431 United States Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties (3) Current issues in civil rights and liberties, including first amendment freedoms, equal protection, privacy, and the rights of the accused.

435 Criminal Law and Procedure (3) An overview of substantive and procedural law in the criminal justice field with emphasis on constitutional questions and public policy issues.

442 Administrative Law and Regulatory Policymaking (3) Legal and political dimensions of rulemaking, enforcement and adjudication by executive agencies.

445 Administration of Justice (3) Administration and processes of justice system, including judicial administration and decision making in trial and appellate courts.

510 Scope and Methods in Political Science (3) Procedures of analysis in political science.

540 Courts and Judicial Processes (3) Examination of published research dealing with judicial behavior, judicial policymaking, and courts and political actors.

543 Law, Regulation and Public Policy (3) Policymaking by executive agencies through rulemaking, enforcement and adjudication; legislative, executive and judicial control of agency actions.

 641 Special Topics in Courts and Judicial Processes (3) Intensive examination of research literature dealing with particular aspects of judicial decision making.