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Government and Politics in Tennessee

William Lyons, John M. Scheb II, and Billy Stair (University of Tennessee Press, 2001)

"Tennessee state government is older than all but a handful of the world’s democracies.  In its first two centuries, Tennessee evolved a distinctive political culture, part a legacy of the Old South and part a mixture of unique personalities and events that shaped the state’s future.  As the state entered it third century, many traditional challenges remained.  Unlike in 1796, these challenges would not be met by a few thousand farmers who never traveled more than fifty miles from their homes.  The culture and ideas of these early Tennesseans were passed on to a society of more than five million persons, connected to the nation and the world in ways their ancestors could never have imagined.  How these modern Tennesseans view their challenges, and how their political institutions respond to them, is the context for the study of state government in Tennessee."

Government and Politics in Tennessee Table of Contents

  • Preface

Part I.  Foundations of Tennessee Politics

  • Chapter 1  Tennessee’s Political Development and Culture
  • Chapter 2  The Tennessee Constitution

Part II.  Institutions of Tennessee Government

  • Chapter 3  The General Assembly
  • Chapter 4  The Governor's Office
  • Chapter 5  The State Bureaucracy
  • Chapter 6  The Judiciary

Part III.   Tennessee Politics

  • Chapter 7  Political Parties and Interest Groups
  • Chapter 8  Public Opinion
  • Chapter 9  Campaigns and Elections
  • Chapter 10  The Media

Part IV.    Public Policy in Tennessee

  • Chapter 11  Education
  • Chapter 12  Health, Welfare and the Environment
  • Chapter 13  Corrections
  • Chapter 14  Financing Tennessee Government

Part V.   Local Government and Politics in Tennessee

  • Chapter 15  The Politics of Loc al Government

Appendix  The Tennessee Constitution