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Authors of American Constitutional Law, 6th ed.

Otis H. Stephens, Jr. is Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Law at the University of Tennessee. He received the Ph.D. in political science from Johns Hopkins University and the J.D. from the University of Tennessee.  During a distinguished academic career that spanned six decades, Professor Stephens taught courses in constitutional law, judicial process, civil rights and liberties, law and public policy, and jurisprudence.  He authored or coauthored five books, including this one, and many more articles, essays and book chapters.  Dr. Stephens is a member of the Tennessee Bar and has been admitted to the Bar of the United States Supreme Court.

John M. Scheb II is Professor of Political Science at the University of Tennessee, where he teaches courses and conducts research in American government, constitutional law, civil rights and liberties, administrative law, criminal law and procedure, the judicial process, judicial administration, and law in American society. Professor Scheb received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 1982. He has authored or coauthored numerous articles in professional journals and also coauthored four other textbooks.  

Colin Glennon is Assistant Professor of Political Science at East Tennessee State University, where he teaches courses in American government, constitutional law, the judicial process, law and society and American political institutions. Professor Glennon received his PhD from the University of Tennessee in 2011. He has authored or coauthored articles in a number of professional journals. His research interests include American political institutions, judicial politics, public law, federalism in the courts, public policy in the courts, the impact of public opinion on judicial outcomes, judicial public policy, and state court administration.