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Welcome! » Criminal Law and Procedure - 7th Edition

Criminal Law and Procedure - 7th Edition

Judge John M. Scheb and Professor John M. Scheb II (Thomson/Wadsworth, 2010)

Intended for Criminal Law and Procedure courses in departments of political science, sociology, legal studies, criminal justice, criminology and the administration of justice.  This unique and successful text differs from most texts offered in the applied legal area in that it is the only one appropriate for a combined course in law and procedure. The text covers all of the necessary content in a manageable fashion and integrates the material logically. Utilizing extensive case material, this book covers the historical background and has been thoroughly updated to include the latest Supreme Court decisions and other developments in criminal justice today.

Table of Contents

Part I: Legal Foundations of Criminal Justice

1. Fundamentals of Criminal Law and Procedure
2. Organization of the Criminal Justice System

Part II: The Substantive Criminal Law

3. Constitutional Limitations on the Prohibition of Criminal Conduct
4. Elements of Crimes and Parties to Crimes
5. Inchoate Offenses
6. Homicidal Offenses
7. Other Offenses Against Persons
8. Property Crimes
9. White-Collar and Organized Crime
10. Vice Crimes
11. Offenses Against Public Health and the Environment
12. Offenses Against Public Order, Safety and National Security
13. Offenses Against Justice and Public Administration
14. Criminal Responsibility and Defenses

Part III: Law Enforcement and Criminal Procedure

15. Search and Seizure
16. Arrest, Interrogation and Identification Procedures
17. The Pretrial Process
18. The Criminal Trial
19. Sentencing and Punishment
20. Appeal and Postconviction Relief

Appendix A: Access to the Law Through Legal research

Appendix B: The Constitution of the United States