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Our mission at the COSMOS lab is to study the global effect of short range communication and information exchange in complex networks. Beginning with early studies on swarms and flocks, 'complex systems' have captured the imagination of researchers - biologists, social scientists, computer scientists, even control engineers. At the heart of this problem is the idea of decentralized control, where a whole group optimizes some global objectives wihout centralized command. These studies have implications in areas as diverse as marketing, homeland security, transportation, economics, to name a few. At the COSMOS lab, we focus on the following applications:


Our Research Areas include:

  • Socio-cultural opinion dynamics
  • Connected Vehicles
  • Egress and Evacuation
  • Inverse Reinforcement Learning
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  1. Jun 10 Congratulations to Aravinda for getting his paper accepted in the IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, 2016
  2. Spring '16 Congratulations to Navneeth on his graduation and acceptance to Duke
  3. May 12 The COSMOS lab appeared in an interview with the JDRD Science Alliance to be featured in
  4. Apr 20 Congratulations to Farshad for getting his paper accepted in the IEEE Transactions of Computational Social Sciences
  5. Apr 19: Congratulations to the COSMOS lab and to our sponsor Applied Optimization for winning the Navy SBIR on Additive Manufacturing of Heat Exchanger
  6. Apr 5: Congratulations to the COSMOS lab and to our sponsor Applied Optimization for winning the Phase 2 Navy SBIR on in-situ monitoring of AM processes
  7. Mar 2: Dr. Chakraborty invited to speak at the Center for Transportation Research
  8. Jan 14: Dr. Chakraborty was invited to speak on Connected and Autonomous Vehicle algorithms at the National Transportation Research Center
  9. 2016 Dr. Chakraborty has been invited to participate in 3 NSF panels for cyber-physical system
  10. Dec 29: Dr. Chakraborty invited to participate as a member of the Automotive Concentration Committee
  11. Nov 19: Dr. Chakraborty presented at the Graduate student seminar
  12. Sept 1: Dr. Chakraborty is named as a 2015-2016 CTR fellow with a $5,000 award