Russian 372: Modern Russian Culture through Readings and Dramatic Production

Instructors: Stephen Blackwell and Casey Sams

Links worth checking out:

Northwestern U: Early 20th Century Russian Drama and Culture 

El Lissitsky Site at the Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Russian Avant-Garde Stage Art: a course taught at Pomona college.  Website includes student projects and many images.

The Russian Avant-Garde Book Must see!!! --an incredible web site about bookmaking by Russian futurists and other avant-garde artists, 1910-1934.  From the 2002 NY Museum of Modern Art exhibit.  Lots to play with!!! Highly interactive!!! Fast!!!

Alexander II



Wanderers (Peredvizhniki)

Catechism of a Revolutionary

Lenin, What Is To Be Done?



NU Symbolism page--Vrubel

Demon seated:

World of Art



Avant Garde art:

El-Lissitsky (Getty Museum: futurism, constructivism)

Avant-Garde drama resources (Northwestern)

Rodchenko exhibit at MoMA

More avant-garde art examples (Rollins)

Socialist Realism:

and art

Party Congress, Introduction

Zhdanov's speech



Some paper-writing guidelines

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