Statement from the Editors of NABOKV-L


NABOKV-L is an electronic discussion and information sharing forum for those with a scholarly or other serious interest in the life and writings of Vladimir Nabokov.  Postings may include queries; annotations; discussion; conference announcements; calls for papers; information on work-in-progress or new publications; and anything else relevant to Nabokov studies.  The list continues to be hosted by the University of California, Santa Barbara.  The NABOKV-L Archives, containing all postings since D. Barton Johnson founded the list in 1993, are fully searchable at:


Joining NABOKV-L


To join the list, send the following message to the listserv (


Subscribe NABOKV-L [your name]


Or go directly to the archives, where you can join the list, leave it, or select forms in which to receive postings, including subscription type (regular, digest, or index), header style, acknowledgement, and temporary mail stoppage (


Guidelines for Posting Information to NABOKV-L (Update: See Code of Ethics at the bottom of this page [5/7/2016])


To submit a query, announcement, scholarly report or other submission for publication, send it to  It will be forwarded to the co-editors for review and final posting.


We expect to host many lively, spirited discussions!  When disagreements arise, however, we urge subscribers to treat each other with the same friendly, respectful good humor that they would like to receive themselves.  As editors, we will not post messages that engage in name-calling, slander, attacks on someone’s character and professionalism, or attempts to publicly humiliate someone.  If we receive such a submission, we will ask the author to revise and resubmit it; we may also invite the target of the critique to reply.  In any event, we reserve the right to refuse to post material that we judge inappropriate for this forum.


Similarly, we will not post messages that contain large images or attachments.  In those cases, too, we will ask the author to revise and resubmit the message.  In replying to a message, please take care NOT to include the complete text of the original message: excerpt from it as necessary to save on disk storage space.  Doing so will save the editors a few clicks per message, a time savings they will greatly appreciate.  If forwarding a casual allusion to Nabokov within another source, please excerpt the relevant passage and include a link to the original.  In the interests of keeping subscribers’ mailboxes as un-cluttered as possible, the following types of messages will usually not be posted by the editors: messages for individuals, including the editors (please use private addresses), and purely rhetorical remarks not intended to convey or discuss factual information.


In order to be received by the editors for posting on NABOKV-L, all postings to need to be sent from a subscribed address (that is, the email address under which you have subscribed to NABOKV-L).  This feature helps prevent the List from being spammed or hacked.  When you receive messages, some may appear to come from the NABOKV-L editors, while others may appear to come from the original sender, depending on whether messages need to be reformatted before posting.  In either case, a NABOKV-L tag in the subject heading (and also on the "to:" line) indicates that a message has been approved and forwarded to subscribers by one of the editors.


In order to prevent the list's use by spammers for email harvesting, subscribers are unable to request a list of all participants.  However, emails are typically not concealed from an individual post, although they may be hidden in the archive.  If one subscriber wishes to contact another and cannot find the address, we will share email addresses as appropriate.


In March, 2007, the following guidelines were added:


1.  From now on, we ask that all submitted posts be labeled in the subject line by their authors with an all-caps identifying tag.  This is the list of tags we have come up with so far (we welcome additional suggestions):
ANNC [for Annoucements]
CFP [for a Call for Papers]
BIB [for Bibliographical Information regarding a recent or forthcoming publication]
WIP [for Work in Progress]
QUERY [for a request for answers to a specific research question]
VN SIGHTING [for a previously unreported reference to VN]
NEWS [for any other factual information related to VN]
CORRECTION [for clarification or correction of a previous post]
THOUGHTS [for individual reflections about VN's life and work]
2. Discussion of a given topic that strays from the contribution of facts to exchanges of opinion will be curtailed by the editors and encouraged to continue off-list, with a summary to be posted by one of the involved when and if conclusions are reached.
3. Posts that are not related to Nabokov, broadly defined, will be rejected even more stringently.
5. Posts that point out *small* errors in earlier postings are discouraged.  This practice has had a tendency to generate lots of back-and-forth and to bruise feelings unnecessarily.  Corrections deemed important should either be communicated directly to the original contributor for consideration, or to the editors, who may from time to time post a corrections department, with accumulated errata.  
6. We encourage subscribers to limit the number of contributions that they post each week.   A conversation dominated by only a few voices makes others less likely to join in.  Indeed, it may prompt some readers and scholars of Nabokov to tune the list out entirely.  


Editorial Mechanics

During the period of the present co-editorship, we will alternate the role of primary editor on a (roughly) quarterly basis. Private communications with the editors should be sent to them directly at the addresses below.  Both co-editors will always receive copies of all editorial correspondence, however.  All decisions about editorial matters will be made jointly, except for the routine acceptance, formatting, and posting of submissions.


We hope that the content of the list will continue to develop in various ways.  Some possible features in the future include book reviews (solicited by the editors) and invited essays on particular topics.  The recruitment of associate editors covering specific areas such as non-English bibliography, book reviews, and special topics is a distinct possibility.  Creating an editorial board is another.  In the past, there have been original creative and scholarly works published via NABOKV-L, and we hope to see this tradition continue and expand.


In January, 2016, Dana Dragunoiu and Stanislav Shvabrin assumed the co-editorship of Nabokv-L.


The following ‘Code of Ethics’ for posts to the list was announced on May 7, 2016


This message describes the code of ethics that will guide our future decisions regarding messages sent to us for release to the NABOKV-L.


All messages must show fidelity to the following principles:


a)    be on the subject of or have relevance to the writer Vladimir Nabokov or the scholarly discipline known as Nabokov Studies;

b)   if polemical or controversial, be written in the spirit of collegiality and generosity; moderators retain the right not to publish messages that contain offensive language or malicious intent.

c)    contributors are asked to send no more than one message per day.


We hope and trust that you will find these principles both fair and reasonable. Our aim is to advance the scholarly field of Nabokov Studies and nurture readers’ love for Nabokov’s writing in a way that is at once exciting, courteous, and sustainable.


Sincerely yours,


Dana Dragunoiu and Stanislav Shvabrin