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Student Disability Affects Involvement
[Developement of an IEP]

This section provides a description of how the student's disability affects involvement and progress in the general curriculum.

Micah's IEP contains the following in this section:

Micah's communication delays and social skills inhibit her total participation in preschool activities.

Other examples are:
Jennifer is in a wheelchair that she can operate independently. She needs adaptations for participation in physical education activities. Her fine motor control of her hands is limited as well, so writing assignments, and other projects requiring fine mot or control need adaptations. Computer equipment and adapted crayons and writing aids, and silverware are used to make needed accommodations. No content modifications are required in the general curriculum other than physical education.
Sarah is unable to read content texts at grade level. Recorded versions of social studies and science texts will be provided. Modification of other written materials to reduce the level of reading difficulty to Sarah's level will be provided or peer readers will assist her with the regular materials.

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