The America's Cup

The America's Cup began its tradition in 1851. The Royal Yacht Squadron in England held a race called the "One Hundred Guinea Race" around the Isle of Wight. The New York Yacht Club commissioned a yacht named America to win the race and show American distinction in yacht building of the era.

The schooner America sailed across the Atlantic, and startled at it's speed the Queen called upon boats from all over to try and win the race. At the start, America's anchor was fouled. It took a very long time to free itself, but within half an hour they were within 5th place. They continued to gain ground and as they came around to the finish, the Queen asked, "Who is in first?" the Americans "Who is in second place" there is no second place you majesty.

Well in firm American fashion we took the cup home, renamed it the America's Cup, and firmly bolted it to the ground of the trophy room in the New York Yacht Club and vowed to never lose it again. We did a pretty good job of that for 132 years until we lost it in 1983 to the Australians.

Now we come to today. Due to a LOT of lawsuits and facts that can fill multiple books, the Americans, BMW Oracle Racing based out of San Fransisco, are challenging the Swiss, Alinghi based out of Geneva, in 90ft x 90ft multihulls. Never has the world seen two yachts like this. They are amazing beasts, and it should be spectacular to watch them sail.

I have prepared a list of video's