SOMS 578: Analysis of Categorical Data

Spring 2005

Tuesday 11:10-12:25, Claxton Addition 238


Russell Zaretzki

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  • Basic Course Description

    SOMS 578 is a three credit masters level course in categorical data analysis. Topics will include basic goodness of fit measures such as Pearson's $X^2$ Statistic, contingency tables, log-linear analysis of multidimensional contingency tables, and logistic regression.


    1 yr graduate-level statistics, regression analysis and analysis of variance, or consent of instructor. Some basic knowledge of SAS or SPSS is also required.

    Office Hours

    TBD or by appointment.


    Siminoff, Jeffrey S.(2003). Analyzing Categorical Data. Springer.
    This is the basic textbook for the course. Below we give an outline with sections covered. A web page for the book is contains data sets and computer code used in the book -
    Siminoff Textbook Home.
    Stokes, M. ,Davis, C., Koch, G. (2001). Categorical Data Analysis Using The SAS System
    Because SAS is such an important tool throughout the statistical world, we will regularly use it to analyze categorical data and explore the options available within appropriate procedures. The website for this text contains all of the datasets used throughout the book-SAS Textbook Home.


    Grades will be based on homework assignments, midterm and final exam or project. Homework will be assigned approximately every two weeks. Because this is a practical course, assignments will largely focus on learning to execute and interpret analyses using SAS or SPSS. Answers to specific questions and summary of program results and performance should be well organized and clearly presented. Program code must be well documented.

    Final Exam

    The final exam is scheduled for May 4 between 10:15am-12:15pm. As a class we can decide whether a final project or final exam is preferred. In the event that the final exam is selected no alternative time will be offered for the exam.

    Programming Languages

    Examples and sample code demonstrated or discussed within class will be written in the SAS language. Students may find it more appropriate to use SPSS for homework assignments. Homework done with SPSS will be accepted but the instructor will not be available for assistance in using this package.


    You are strongly encouraged to participate in class discussions. Please ask questions when you have them. This is the first time that I am teaching such a course and I will need feedback to understand which elements of the presentation are unclear. Personal experiences and interests related with this material are also appreciated.

    Detailed Course Outline (Tentative)

    Jan 13. Discussion of syllabus, a taxonomy of data types, techniques for analyzing categorical data.
    Read Siminoff Chapter 1., SAS chapter 1.
    Jan 18. The binomial distribution and 2-by-2 tables. Using the SAS procedure Freq.
    Read SAS chapter 2. Siminoff chapter 6.
    Jan 20. 2-by-2 tables cont. Discuss odds ratios and relative risk, exact tests, McNemar's test.
    Read SAS chapter 2.
    Jan 25.Higher way tables and Mantel-Hanzel type tests
    Read SAS chapter 3.
    Jan 27. Further analysis of higher way tables
    Browse SAS chapter 4-5.
    Feb 1.The Linear Regression Model.
    Read Siminoff Chapters 1 & 2
    Feb 3. Model Selection for Linear Regression.
    Read Siminoff Sec 3.4-3.6
    Feb 8.Multinomial and Poisson random variables. Goodness of fit testing.
    Siminoff Chapter 4
    Feb 10.
    Feb 15. Regression Models for Count Data I.
    Siminoff Chapter 5
    Feb 17. Regression Models for Count Data II.
    Siminoff Chapter 5
    Feb 22. Regression Models for Count Data III.
    Siminoff Chapter 5
    Feb 24. Loglinear Models I.
    Siminoff section 6.2
    Mar 1. Loglinear Models II.
    Siminoff chapter 7
    Mar 3. Loglinear Models III.
    Siminoff chapter 8
    Mar 8. Introduction to Logistic Regression and GLM
    Mar 10. Logistic Regression II.
    Mar 15. Logistic Regression III. Analysis of Deviance and model building strategy.
    Mar 17.Model Building and Diagnostics for Logistic Regression
    Mar 22 & Mar 24 . Spring Break.
    Mar 29. Regression Models for Mulitnomial Data.
    Mar 31. SAS procedure CATMOD
    Apr 5.Regression models for Ordinal data
    Apr 7.Regression modeling for Ordinal data cont.
    Apr 12.Case Studies 1.
    Apr 14.Case Studies 2.
    Apr 19.Case Studies 3.
    Apr 21.Project Presentations
    Apr 26.Course Review
    May 4. Final Exam 10:15am-12:15pm.

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    Extensions in the area of robotics.

    SAS Resources

    OIT SAS Course
    The office of information technology offers training in SAS as well as other languages.
    SAS resources on the Web
    A list of resources from a guy in North Carolina?
    UCLA Help Page
    Internet and Web Resourses for SAS
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    Links from York University in Canada.
    SAS Notes
    University of Indiana.

    Other Useful Internet References

    The Siminoff Textbook Home The textbook home again
    Categorical Data with Graphics
    This author has written a book about using graphical methods for categorical data
    Categorical Data for Social Scientists
    University of Notre Dame
    A downloadable document discussing discussing analysis of contingency tables
    Link to a syllabus from Australia
    Course Homepage with Syllabus
    From Cornell University Dept. of Rural Sociology
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    Intro Statistics from Texas A & M
    Homepage for a course from South Carolina

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