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Psychology Undergraduate Program




Applied: Industrial- Organizational

Eric Sundstrom (Ph.D. University of Utah). Professor Research interests: Social and environmental psychology, physical environments in office and factors, group processes and performance.

John W. Lounsbury (Ph.D. Michigan State University). Professor. Research interests: Industrial-Organizational psychology, work and non-work issues, quality of life, organizational morale.

Fumiko Samejima (Ph.D. Keio University). Professor. Research interests: Mathematical psychology, psychometrics, mental test theory, latent trait theory, factor analysis, multivariate statistical analysis, psychological scaling, mathematical models

Biological and Animal Behavior

Gordon M.Burghardt (Ph.D. University of Chicago). Alumni Distinguished Service Professor. Research interests: Ontogeny and evolution of behavior, chemoreception, feeling and social behavior in reptiles, bear and human ethology, history and theory in ethology and comparative psychology.

Todd M. Freeberg (Ph.D. Indiana University). Assistant Professor. Research Interests Development and function of vocal communication in birds. Social learning and geographic variation in mating preferences and courtship behavior.

Richard A. Saudargas (Ph.D. Florida State University). Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies. Research interests: Behavior management of captured species.  

John C. Malone (Ph.D. Duke University). Professor. Research interests: Animal discrimination learning and control effects. Radical behaviorism as a basis for understanding human and animal behavior and experience.

Stephen J. Handel (Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University). Professor. Research interests: Perception of auditory patterns, the study of rhythm, eye-hand coordination for manual skills, industrial robotics design.   

Social Psychology

Lowell Gaertner (Ph.D. University of North Carolina). Assistant Professor Research interests:  Social Psychology, Inter and Intra group relations, the Self, and Violence.

Warren H. Jones (Ph.D. Oklahoma State University). Professor Research interests: Personality and personal relationships, shyness, loneliness, interpersonal betrayal, marital satisfaction and commitment, guilt, the assessment of personality and emotions.

 Howard R. Pollio (Ph.D. University of Michigan). Alumni Distinguished Service Professor. Research interests: Human learning, symbolic behavior, psycholinguistics, research on human and metaphor, existential phenomenology.

 Cheryl B. Travis. (Ph.D. University of California, Davis). Professor. Research interests: Social psychology, gender, health and medical decision-making, human ethology.  

Health Psychology

Joel F. Lubar (Ph.D. University of Chicago). Professor. Research interests: Psychophysiology, neuropsychology, neurophysiology, biofeedback, neurometrics for neurological disorders.

Debora R. Baldwin (Ph.D. Kent State University). Assistant Professor. Research interests: Behavioral factors (e.g., stress, exercise, diet) on the immune and cardiovascular systems. Effect of stress on disease outcome (e.g., hypertension, lupus, neoplaisa).

 Kathleen A. Lawler (Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill). Professor and Director of the Graduate Programs in Experimental Psychology. Research interests: Psychophysiology and behavioral medicine, cardiovascular correlates of cognitive processes, stress, Type A behavior, cardiovascular reactivity and hypertension, coronary heart disease.

James E. Lawler (Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill). Professor and Department Head. Research interests: Genetic/environmental interactions in the production of high blood pressure in animals. Role of psychological stress, exercise and diet in the development of hypertension. Physiological and biochemical bases of environmentally induced hypertension.