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Psychology Undergraduate Program

                          CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY FACULTY


Child, Adolescent, and Family

 Deborah P. Welsh (Ph.D. University of Massachusetts). Assistant Professor. Research interests: Developmental processes in adolescents and their families, developmental pathways associated with evolution of psychopathology and maladjustment in adolescents, gender differences in parent-adolescent interactions.

 Anne McIntyre (Ph.D. Yale University) Associate Professor. Research interests: Social-emotional development of children, psychosocial development of children in foster care, child custody, child abuse, foster children, vocational rehabilitation, and interpersonal dynamics.

 Robert G. Wahler (Ph.D. University of Washington). Professor and Director of Clinical Training. Research interests: Child and family developmental issues, primarily those involving psychopathology. Therapeutic intervention at the family system level. Conduct disordered children in disadvantaged, multistressed families.

Kristina Gordon (Ph.D. University of North Carolina) Assistant Professor. Research interests: Marital relationships including forgiveness, infidelity, and emotional regulation in relationships.

Jennifer MacFie (Ph.D. University of Rochester) Assistant Professor. Research interests: Psychopathology and normal development in children.

Personality and Psychopathology

Michael R. Nash (Ph.D. Ohio University). Associate Professor. Research interests: Clinical hypnosis, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and sexual abuse. Personality assessment, short term psychodynamic psychotherapy, crisis intervention, sexual trauma, and hypnotic interventions in clinical and forensic settings.

Leonard Handler (Ph.D. Michigan State University), Professor and Clinical Director. Research interests: The role of the father, symbolic communication with children, the phenomenology of hypnosis, validity and clinical use of personality assessment.

 Wesley Morgan (Ph.D. University of Tennessee, Knoxville). Associate Professor and Assistant Director of the Clinical Training Program. Research interests: Application of principles of learning to human problems, techniques of operant and classical conditioning in sexual fetishism.  

Derek Hopko (Ph.D. West Virginia University) Assistant Professor. Research Interests: Depression, performance based anxiety disorders, behavioral activation treatment and medical conditions.