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To set up and use Neptune, you should:

1. Create a c:\Neptune directory
2. Save the following files to it:
3. Save the following files to whatever directory comes up first when
   you open a command prompt window:
4. Open the javasetup.bat file in a text editor and change the address in 
   the second line to whereever your javac.exe is located.  (You probably
   will just need to change the jdk1.8.0_92 to something more modern.)        
5. Then, whenever you want to use Neptune:
   * Open a command prompt window
   * Enter 'setup'
   * Move to the directory you want to work in
6. To run a Neptune utility, you enter 'nt xxxxx ...', where xxxxx
   is the name of the utility and the ... refers to additional command-
   line information that the particular utility may require.
   The available utilities can be found as the first entry in each line
   of the TOC.dat file.

   The "default" utility is the Editor.class in the io package; this means
   that if you enter "nt abc" and "abc" is NOT the name of a Neptune
   utility, it will assume that you want to use the Neptune text editor
   to edit the file "abc".  So, to edit a file named "", just enter
   "nt" and it will do it. (You can even name a non-existent file
   name and it will create it and open it in the editor--whether that is 
   what you want it to do or not!)