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Lesson 21 - Uncollided  dose from distributed sources 

In this two-class lesson, we will be taking the final result of Lesson 20, the equation for the monoenergetic point source in a homogeneous attenuating medium:

and extending it in space to cover sources that have a more detailed shape than a point.  We will not cover all the variations developed in the text, but I want to do enough to give you a good feel for the process (and a little practice on your calculus).

In class, we are going to develop a single example for each of the increasing dimensionalities:

  • 1D -- a line source (Section 6.2.1)
  • 2D -- a disk source (Section 6.2.2)
  • 3D -- a slab source (Section 6.2.6, although we will look at it a little differently than the text)
  • Come to class prepared to work through the derivations.

    In addition, we will work through some examples as a class to give you practice.


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