Joseph at Seven


We have shamefully neglected updating these pages for more than a year now; it‘s not because Joseph is no longer adorably cute, or that the novelty has worn off, but that we have been busy with various major life changes. In 2003 we moved to Knoxville, TN, where I took a job at the University of Tennessee; Ellen has opened a solo medical practice; Joseph has gone from Jewish preschool to Montessori Kindergarten to a Catholic elementary school. We sold a house, lived in a rented house, bought a house and renovated it; we have been dealing, more or less well, with the million little cultural adjustments involved in moving from New Orleans to east Tennessee. But along the way we have taken a few photos, and here they are. You can still contact the proud parents at or, and find earlier photos of Joseph here: one, two, three, four, five.

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