Purpose & Scope

behnlelyRestoration was created in 1976 by David Vieth (Southern Illinois U) and Jack Armistead (then at the University of Tennessee) to provide an outlet for scholarship on the later Stuart period of English literary history. In the mid-1970's, the pace of Restoration studies was increasing, yet the opportunities for publication remained few. Seventeenth-Century News tended to focus on the earlier part of the century, and journals with a special interest in eighteenth-century scholarship tended to favor the post-Dryden period.

From the start, the journal appeared semi-annually and offered scholarly articles, an annotated bibliography of new studies, and a section of announcements and queries.

Occasionally, we include a special bibliographical or critical survey. Always the object has been to limit the size of each issue, so that it could be read at a single sitting. A very few exceptions to this rule, most notably in Volume 20.2, a lengthy special issue devoted to essays about Thomas Shadwell, have been designed to offer larger forums for scholars and scholarship in the field.

The Editorial Board, consisting of prominent Restoration scholars, serves not only as a policy group but also as the board of readers. Each submission is evaluated by at least two members of the Board. An advanced graduate student assists the editors with the management of the journal and serves as in-house proofreader.


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