"No foolin' We're homeschoolin"

       This page should serve you with some good homeschooling and general education links. My philosophy is like that of the Alliance for the Separation of School from State...the government should extract itself from the education process. Some would say but what about the poor, don't you believe in universal education? Well, I agree all should be educated but who should pay? Should we all pay for the few to have a "free" education? The old acronym TANSTAAFL is correct 'There ain't no such thing as a free lunch'. No, the time is NOW for the state to get out of this business!!!! Since the beginning of state education by the anti-Christian Unitarians children have consistently been miseducated and the 'system' has failed to deliver. Links below such as Karl Bunday, Separation, and Sam Blumenfeld can speak much more eloquently than I can.
    IMNSHO, the elite form of education today is home education primarily because it centers around the student's individual needs. Homeschooling in effect is tutoring tailored to the child.

Homeschool Resources

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General Education