An Apple a Day...

Please send in your favorite apples!!!!

An Apple a Day ... is your opportunity to tell a little about your presently favorite apple(s).

     I am asking you for your feedback on which apples you appreciate and why. My picks from the original An Apple a Day ... are linked below. Your preferences may change with time and hopefully this page can reflect that. My intentions are to put out the results of *your* apple tastes on a monthly basis.  Check out interesting fruit and horticulture links as well!  You can also include whys and wherefors. You might even want to explain how you use the apple.

"By far the best apple is the russet.  The dull brown rough exterior may not look "appeeling" but the crisp, "oh so sweet" inside, unlike any other apple, will knock the rest right off the
South-eastern Ontario, Canada.
Sara Jack
June 2001...It's still Melrose for me but I love Pink Lady, GoldRush, Liberty, and Nittany as well!