As an university research group we are focused on the betterment of humankind through a discovery-based approach focused on advanced materials and their cost-effective manufacturing for applications in energy harvesting, electronics, and sensing.

Scientific and Engineering Techniques Available

Fabrication and Processing

Our work relies heavily on starting with materials in thin film form. For this we use various physical and chemical deposition techniques and are able to choose between a wide range of materials, including metals, semiconductors, and oxides. Subsequent processing by various ways, incouding self-organziation lets us manufacture nanoscale materials with well controlled features, such as size, spacing and spatial order, over macroscopic length scales, including on flexible and electron transparent substrates, whose physical behavior we then probe by a variety of characterization tools. You can see specific details of the various fabrication techniques here.


Since our research involves making and understanding materials, we have the capability to probe their physical behaviors with different techniques in various length scales. We characterize basic properties such as optical, plasmonic, magnetic, magneto-optical, electrical and photovoltaic behaviors, as well as structure and morphology in the nanoscale. You can see specific details of the various characterization techniques here.

Design and Modeling

Our experiemental work, including manufacturing and the ensuing physical behaviors is closely complemented by a variety of modeling and simulation tools pertaining to transient thermal processing, self-organization, finite element and discrete dipole analysis. In addition, we are also currently focused on the mean field based design of optical nanocomposites, especially to make materials with useful behavior in solar energy harvesting and plasmonic applications. You can see specific details of the various design and modeling capabilities here.

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