Fabrication & Processing capabilities in Ramki Kalyanaraman's group

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  1. We have the ability to deposit films of any material that can be obtained in solid state by e-beam evaporation and/or pulsed laser ablation. Also, we can deposite sequentially or simultaneously to achieve a variety of materials combinations. A vibration minimized UHV chamber with load-lock with s 30 port custom-designed stainless steel UHV vacuum chamber (manufactured by NorCal products) with base pressure of 2  ×  10-9 Torr is at the heart of our set-up. The chamber is bakeable to 250oC. Pumping is by Osaka Magnetically levitated turbomolecular pump model TH260MCA and Physical Electronics TiTan 400L Ion pump. The backing pump is a Leybold ECODRY-L oil-free pump. The vacuum system and all pumps (except the backing pump) are mounted on a custom-built mechanical isolation table with I-2000 isolation legs from Newport. The observed vibration amplitude on the substrate is less than ± 25 nm peak-to-peak. Sample introduction into the chamber is through a 6-port custom-cross load-lock, which is accessed by Thermionics QAD-450 quick access door. The sample is inserted into the main chamber via Thermionics model FLLRE-275 magnetically coupled rotary feed-through. Load-lock chamber is pumped by a Leybold D16B rotary pump and the TMP. A Varian multi-gauge controller model 835 monitors 4 T/C and 2 ionization gauges. It controls up to 7 gate valves for automated isolation and safe operation of the vacuum system. The gate valves are VAT Cu-gasket UHV valves or Nor-Cal gate valves and are pneumatically actuated by air pressure.
  2. Multiple-technique deposition capability and thickness monitoring/control: E-beam evaporation is by a Tectra-GMBH E-FLUX MINI e-beam source oriented for top-down deposition using rod sources. Ar+ ion beam sputtering is by Nonsequitor Model 1401 differentially pumped ion gun (1 cm2 beam size; 100 nA-10 mA beam current; 50 eV-2000 eV Energy). Up to four 0.5” targets may be rotated into place for multi-layered film deposition.This target holder was designed and built in the physics machine shop. It also serves as the target holder for laser ablation. Laser ablation is by a 266 nm Nd:YAG laser described later. In-situ thickness monitoring and control is via Inficon Model XTM/2P quartz crystal thickness monitor with bakeable sensor. The monitor can detect down to 0.01 Å/s deposition rates.
  3. Co-evaporation and sequential deposition capability of up to 4 different materials is available: E-beam evaporation by Mantis QUAD-EV-HP 4-pocket mini e-beam evaporator with co-evaporation capability. Other freatures include: Bakeable to 250oC. Software control of evaporation process for deposition of up to 4 different materials to create multilayered films as well as for co-evaporation to mix up to 4 different materials. Independent monitoring of deposition rate. Motor-driven shutter for control of multilayer and/or co- evaporation process Motor-driven drive mechanism allows automatic positioning either from the power supply or from software. Software-enabled flux control permits programmable evaporation sequences, and comprehensive data logging. Evaporation of materials includes high-vapor pressure materials, refractory metals, ceramics, and semiconductors.

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