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Professor: Dr. Gary F. McCracken Click here for contact information and office hours.
Graduate Assistants:


Christen Bossu, Arijana Barun

Credit Hours: 4  
Lecture Times: MWF, 10:10 - 11:00 AM  
Lecture Location Room 415 Buehler Hall (trouble locating Buehler Hall?)  
Required Text: Freeman, S & J.C. Herron 2004. Evolutionary Analysis, 3rd edition. Pearson Prentice Hall. A companion website for the text is at:
Tests: There will be two midterm tests and a final exam. The final will be comprehensive, ie covering all lectures and reading.
Labs/Discussion Each student will participate in a weekly, 2 hr lab/discussion. The labs/discussions will allow students to explore important topics in greater depth than is possible in a lecture format. The lab/discussion is described in an accompanying handout.
Writing Assignment: There is a writing assignment for this course. The assignment is described in an accompanying handout.
Grades: Grades will be calculated as follows:  
First Midterm: 20% of final grade
Second Midterm: 20% of final grade
Final Exam: 25% of final grade
Discussions & labs (grading scheme 25% of final grade
Writing Assignment 10% of final grade
Field Trip: There will be a field trip to hunt fossils in the strip mines of the Cumberland Mountains. This trip will be scheduled in March or April, on a Sunday, so that we can avoid coal trucks, steam shovels, strip miners, and their possible negative impact on participant fitness. This field trips is optional. However, students who participate in the field trip will have 5 points added to whatever grade they receive on the second midterm test. See this page for more information.

Lecture Schedule, Spring 2004
Date Lecture Reading
Jan 12 Introduction Begin The Origin of Species
Pp. 3 - 31
Jan 14 From the Greeks to Darwin: early naturalist thought Pp.35-68
Jan 17 Marthin Luther King, Jr. Holiday - No Class  
Jan 19 The Temple of Jupiter Seraphis: facts in need of framework Pp.35-68
Jan 21 Darwinism (Lecture notes and Power Point) Pp.69-106
Jan 24 The post-Darwinian Scientific Debate Pp.69-106
Jan 26 Genetics and the Modern Synthesis Evolution in the Late 20th Century Pp.69-106
Jan 28 Laws against evolution in the classroom, Dr. Stan Guffey (Biology, UTK)  
Jan 31 Fossil evidence for human evolution, Dr. Andrew Kramer (Anthropology, UTK) Pp.727-767
Feb 2 Human Evolutionary Psychology, Dr. Gordon Burghardt (Psychology, UTK)  
Feb 4 Genotype and Phenotype  
Feb 7 How much variability, and so what? The Evolution of Sex, Dr. Bruce McKee (BCMB, UTK) Pp.109-139
Feb 9 Populations, models and the Hardy-Weinberg Model Pp.141-193
Feb 11 Violating the Model Pp.193-252
Feb 14 The concept of fitness Pp.253-288
Feb 16 The Operation of Natural Selection Pp.289-327
Feb 18 Levels of Natural Selection Pp.419-454
Feb 21 Behavior and Levels of Natural Selection Pp.419-454
Feb 23 Social insects - the pinnacle of evolution and most ecologically dominant organisms on earth, Dr. Nate Sanders (EEB, UTK)  
Feb 25 1st Midterm  
Feb 28 Geographic Variation Pp.583-613
Mar 2 The formation of new species: allopatry Pp.583-613
Mar 4 The formation of new species: parapatry and sympatry Pp.583-613
Mar 7 Rates and Patterns in Evolutionary Divergence Pp.331-371
Mar 9 Adaptive radiations  
Mar 11 Macroevolution Pp.547-580
Mar 14 Taxonomy and Systematics Pp.547-580
Mar 19 Biogeography The Origin of Species Chapters XI & XII
Mar 18 Orchidiopsis rapax and the problem of rassencreis, Dr. M.J. H-Stumpke (Piltdown University) T.B.A.
Mar 21-25 Spring Break, Recess, No Classes  
Mar 28 Geological Time (Handouts: Evolution's Greatest Hits, An History of Diversity, and the Burgess Shale Beastiary)  
March 30 2nd Midterm  
Apr 1 Molecular phylogenetics: Reconstructing the history of life, Dr. Tom Near (EEB, UTK) T.B.A.
Apr 4 Cosmology and the origin of life Pp.615-659
Apr 6 Photosynthesis, Procaryotes and Eucaryotes Pp.615-659, Pp.663-698
Apr 8 Multicellularity, Paleozoic life Pp.663-698
Apr 11 Paleozoic atmosphere, Dr. Claudia Mora (EPS, UTK)  
Apr 13 The History of Biological Diversity  Pp.663-699
Apr 15 The evolution of development, Dr. Mike McKinney (EPS, UTK) Pp.701-726
Apr 18 Co-evolution of plants and insects herbivores, Dr. Jim Fordyce (EEB, UTK) T.B.A
Apr 20 Extinctions Pp.663-697
Apr 22 Mammalian radiations
The Earliest known mammal
A Pliestocene Beastiary
Apr 25 Primate Evolution  
Apr 28 Human Molecular Evolution Pp.663-697
May 6 (Friday) Final Exam 10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.  

All reading except "T.B.A." (To Be Assigned) is from:

Freeman, S & J.C. Herron 2004. Evolutionary Analysis, 3rd edition. Pearson Prentice Hall

Darwin, C.R. 1859. On the Origin of Species, also has been assigned for this class.

This classic should be read by all educated women and men. Here is the opportunity, if you haven't yet read it. I advise that you begin reading this book early in the semester when textbook reading assignments are relatively light.