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Required readings (if you are having trouble getting the online readings let Arijana know right away)
Week 2 (Jan 24, 25) Importance of Evolutionary Biology.                Dobzhansky 1973 (online via external website), Futuyma 1995 (online through library reserves).
Week 3 (Jan 31, Feb 1)  Darwinism: The scientific debate.               Bowler, 1984
Week 4 (Feb 7, 8) Variation under domestication.                            Darwin 1859. The Origin of Species. Chapter 1.
Week 5 (Feb 16, 17) Genes in Populations, mutation, migration, drift.       Pop_Gen lab simulation 1Selection-Mutation lab
Week 6 (Feb 21, 22) Genes in Populations, selection of coloration of male guppies.        Evo-Beaker Simulations                   
Week 7 (Feb 28, Mar 1) Levels of Natural Selection                       Maynard Smith, 1976, Ernst Mayr, 1997
Week 8 (March 7, 8) Species concepts, rates of speciation              Grant, 1981, Coyne and Orr, 2004
 Week 9 (March 14, 15) Multiple Loci, Quantitative genetics           Bugsville Tutorial, pages 303-317
Week 10 (Mar 14, 15) Spring Break - No Classes      
Week 11 (Mar 28, 29) Phylogenetics                                              Evo-Beaker Simulations
Week 12 (Apr 4, 5) Nature - Nurture:                                            Wray Herbert 1997, OMIM - handedness, OMIM - sexual orientation, OMIM - alcoholism    
Week 13 (Apr 11, 12) Evolution and development                         Caroll, 1997 
Week 14 (Apr 18, 19) Science and Pseudo Science                       Bunge, 1984; Numbers 1987, Eugenie Scott  Kevles, 1992, Stem Cell Basics - NIH
Week 15 (Apr 25, 26) "Irreducible Complexity"                             T.B.A.   
Tips for finding online course reserve articles.
Use the "course reserves" section of the normal UT library catalog.

Searches related to the course or instructor should include at least one of the following terms: ECOLOGY EEB 460A MCCRACKEN.

Alternatively you can search under the author's name or the article title.  Make certain that you have the correct article in this case especially if the name is a common one (e.g. John Smith or Hugh Johnson).

Clicking on the .pdf URL for the appropriate article should open up a new browser window.  Click on this button that appears in that new window.  You will be asked for your UT netID and password and once these are entered the article should appear in the new window.  The computer you are using will have to have Adobe reader or acrobat in order to view most articles.

Recommended readings
The Eclipse of Darwinism, by P. J. Bowler (available online through the library catalog)
Before Darwin (available online through the library catalog)
The Evolutionary Synthesis (available online through the library catalog)
Observed instances of speciation, by Joseph Boxhorn (1995)

Other materials
Results from the poll on evolution-creation
Directional Selection at a Single Locus
Some important definitions
The Books and Monographs of Charles Darwin
Rise and Fall of the Classical Tradition
Early European Naturalists Important in the Development of Evolutionary Ideas
Genetic Drift
Genotype and Phenotype
Results from the poll on nature-nurture