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Lab/Discussion - Format and Grading

The labs and discussions are designed to allow you to explore selected topics in depth. The format is based heavily on class participation and is intended to be interactive, both between the instructors and students, and particularly among you, the students. Our intent is to involve you in your own learning thereby making you responsible for the content and making the course content relevant to your interests and concerns.

Contribution to class discussion is central to your role in this class. To stimulate this activity, you are to develop and distribute 2 email questions before each dialogue, based upon previous relevant discussions and the reading(s) assigned for the upcoming class meeting. At least one of these questions should directly cite material in the readings or lecture. During class discussions you will be expected to clearly articulate your point(s) of view and to engage your classmates (and instructors) in the dialogue.

Prior to each lab you will be provided with questions regarding evolutionary processes. By e-mail, prior to the lab, you will respond to these questions with predictions regarding your expected outcomes of those processes. Computer simulations during the lab will allow you to test your predictions and to better understand the evolutionary processes.

                    Grades (25% of total final grade) will be determined by your performance as based on the rubrics.


Arijana - Monday Section e-mail Arijana: abarun@utk.edu
Estabrook 209
Mike Scaboo
Melissa Habenicht
Scott Faw
Rusty Foust
Kristen Clark
John Sharp
Matthew Carberry
Donny Mai
Jenish Patel
Christen - Monday Section  e-mail Christen: cbossu@utk.edu
Physics 608 (between Hesler Biology and Geology, on "the Hill")
Sarah Ruark
Megan Coates
Ashley Little
Amy Dobson
Maria Baham
Tze Ping Heah
Lauren Kirby
Sean Donovan
Ed Rockefeller
Arijana - Tuesday Section  e-mail Arijana: abarun@utk.edu
Pasqua 303 (Nuclear Engineering, behind Perkins)
Helen Shiflett
Adam Fuller
Katie Watson
Eammon Bemis
Dan Estabrooks
Alex Perkins
Catie Stewart

Christen - Tuesday Section  e-mail Christen: cbossu@utk.edu

Pasqua 206 (Nuclear Engineering, behind Perkins)
Carl McGinn
Sarah Bergerson
Kerri Crawford
Jaclyn Adams
Maria McGraw
Jim Burnham
Layna Nolan
Rick Dilling