MSE 300 - Materials Laboratory Procedures








Learning Objectives:

The learning objectives of this course are to: (1) gain hands-on experience in conducting laboratory experiments involving fundamental principles in materials science and engineering, (2) understand the design of an experiment relative to the measuring and performance capabilities of a piece of equipment, (3) gain experience in analysis of data and writing reports in the accepted scientific format, and (4) take responsibility for a project and learn how to make an effective oral report on the project. The content directly supports MSE program education outcomes 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7.

 Catalog Description:

                        MSE 300 Materials Laboratory Procedures (1) Hands-on sample preparation, characterization, and data analysis for introductory studies of crystal structures, microstructures, physical properties, and mechanical properties; Report writing skills including word processing and graphics usage; Oral presentation skills.

                        Prereq: 201