Research Synopsis

Our laboratory is focused on two projects, 1) lipid droplet formation and distribution in eukaryotes, and 2) improving the efficacies of nanotechnologies for cancer treatment in patients with non-ideal metabolic conditions such as obesity. For the first project we use the model eukaryote fission yeast S. pombe. This organism is ideal for understanding the cellular role of lipid droplets in cells undergoing mitosis. For the second project we use a variety of mouse models of human diseases with a focus on leptin deficient mice and mice that develop white blood cell cancers. We use a combination of genetics, proteomics, and live-cell microscopy to make advances in both topics.


Associate Professor

Paul Dalhaimer, Ph.D.

Graduate Students

Kevin Quigley, B.S.

Zuania Pacheco del Rio, B.S.

Uche Anozie, B.S.

Undergraduate Students

Taylor Weiskittel

Katherine Krouse

Molly Landon

Dalhaimer Lab

Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

University of Tennessee

716 SERF

1212 Circle Drive

Knoxville, TN 37996