The Bund

The Embassay for the Republic of Russia - formerly The Russian Embassy

Pujiang Hotel, formerly the Astor House

Shanghai Mansions on 20 Bei Suzhou Lu - formerly Broadway MansionsYangtze Building, Zhongshan Dongyilu

Yangtze Building, Zhongshan Dongyilu

Formerly the Yokohama Bank Building, currently used as the Textile Administration

The south wing of the Peace Hotel, formerly the Palace Hotel, Zhongshan Dongyilu and Nanjing Donglu

Formerly the Standard and Chartered Bank, currently used as the Fishery Administration and renamed Chunjiang Building

Formerly the North China Daily News Building, renamed to Guiling Building

Shanghai Customs Office, formerly Nissian Steamship Co.

Formerly the Asian Oil Building, currently house the Metalsmith Design Institute

Dongfeng Hotel and Kentucky Fried Chicken, formerly the Shanghai Club

Formerly a Chinese bank, currently used as the Yangtze River Waterway Administration

Shanghai Foreign Trade Commission, formerly the headquarter of Jardine Matheson

An Unlisted Building

Formerly a Russian Bank, currently used as the Chinese Foreign Exchange and Trade Center

Headquarter of the Shanghai Labor Union, formerly Jiaotong Bank

Union Insurance Co., Currently the Shanghai Architectural Design Institute

The main Post Office for the foreign settlement. It is now Shanghai's main Post Office

Custom House

The Peace Hotel, main building, formerly the Cathy Hotel and Sassoon House

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank headquarters

The Gutzlaff Signal Tower


The Embankment House, built in 1932 by the Sassoons. Once the largest apartment house in Shanghai

The Normandie Apartments

The Astrid

An apartment building on the former Avenue Haig


Xujiahui Cathedral, formerly St. Ignatius Cathedral

Mu'en (Baptised with Mercy) Church, Xizang Zhonglu. Formerly a Methodist Church

The Russian Orthodox Mission Church

St. Nicholas, The Russian Orthodox Military Church, on the
former rue Comeille


Lyceum Theatre, home of the Amateur Dramatic Club, a british drama society founded in 1866

The Paramount

The Grand on Nanjing Lu

Miscellaneous Buildings

120, Jengzhi Lu

Sichuan Zhonglu, Joint Savings and Loan Building, designed by the Hungarian architect Ladislaus Hudec

The American Club, located at No. 209 Fuzhou Road designed by Ladislaus Hudec

A building on Sichuan Zhonglu

Shanghai Public Library - Formerly the Race Course

A building that was once a German Bank

Changning Children's Palace

Currently No.1 Building on the Xingguo Hotel compound, formerly a private residence

German Post Office, currently the Shanghai General Metals Co.

Formerly the Headquarter of Union Insurance, currently The International Bank of Paris and Shanghai

Shanghai Handicap Assocication, formerly a Chinese bank

The New World Entertainment Center, currently a department store

The No. 1 People's Hospital, formerly a British hospital

Hongkaw Fire Station, on Siping Lu.

Jing'an Children's Palace/"Marble Hall"

Dongya Hotel on Nanjing Donglu, formerly Wing On Department Store

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