We have begun several studies of meteorites, with research that falls into two broad categories: 1) processes that affected primitive solar-system materials; and 2) the timing and nature of differentiation in asteroidal and planetary objects. Included in the first broad category are petrologic-chemical studies of (a) large, igneous-textured objects in ordinary chondrites and (b) olivine aggregate inclusions in carbonaceous chondrites. Included in the second category are various studies of (a) martian meteorites, and (b) the search for evidences of life on Mars, (c) HED meteorites that are believed to have originated in the differentiated asteroid 4-Vesta, (d) enigmatic meteorites known as ureilites, and (e) IIE silicated iron meteorites.

Processes affecting primitive solar-system materials

Timing and nature of differentiation in asteroidal objects

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