Developed by: Laurie Griffin

Level: 3-5

Following Directions


Learning Expectations
This activity will help students acquire competencies which relate to the following standards:
1. Skills for academic self-confidence, learning, and success
The student will:
1.3 demonstrate the study skills necessary for academic success.

General Approach
The general approach is that children will understand that one of the first and major steps of academic success is reading and following directions.

*This activity and worksheet were taken and adapted from Large Group Guidance Activities: A K-12 Sourcebook by Joe Wittmer and Diane W. Thompson.

Activity Steps
Pass out copies of the "Following Directions" handout (face down).  Tell the students that they will have five minutes to complete the test.  Then, have them turn their individual papers over and begin.  After 5 minutes, say: Stop! and discuss the following questions:

     a. How did you feel when you discovered the "trick"?
     b. What did you learn from the activity?
     c. How do you feel about tests?
     d. What happens to you before and during a test?
     e. How do you get ready for tests?
     f. What are some reasons for having tests?
     g. How did the noise/outbursts affect your concentration?
     h. What other times would it be important to carefully read directions first?
     i. What could be a consequence for not following directions on tests, assignments, or otherwise?

Time Required
This activity may require 15-20 minutes.

Resources Needed
1 stopwatch/timer
Following Directions worksheet

Performance Indicators
Students will be able to:

List different consequences for following directions and not following directions.
Understand the importance of following directions and its connection to academic success.