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Science Communication Resource Center

Keys to CommunicationWithout a doubt effective communication skills are critical components of graduate training.  Therefore, PEER in collaboration with the Science Communication Resource Group will deliver oral and written communication workshops that focus on improvement in the writing and presentation skills and competitiveness for research publications and pre-doctoral fellowships. Workshops will be offered annually to first year PEER scholars to help the students understand how to clearly write their research findings and improve upon their presentations (oral and written) to general and scientific audiences.  Scholars will have continuous access to the Science Communication Resource Group as they write research papers, dissertation, and prepare to showcase their research at professional conferences, the annual UT/ORNL Bioinformatics Summit, and the PEER Annual Symposium.

Foundations in Science Communication

We consider it our responsibility to increase awareness of the scientific pursuit for the health and longevity of our society. One way to address this problem, as scientists, is to become better communicators. For the first-year trainees, we will offer a series of 7 workshops, to be held throughout the year, that comprise our “Foundations in Science Communication” series.

Laptop and legal padThese workshops will be ~1/2-day weekend sessions that deal with:

  • Technical Writing
  • Grant/Proposal Writing
  • Popular Science Writing
  • Professional Presentations for Peers
  • Public Speaking to Lay Audiences
  • Interacting with the Media
  • Steps to Being a Successful Science Instructor

Students will learn how their ability to communicate efficiently affects how their work is appreciated by their peers, superiors, and prospective employers. These communication skills are essential for scientists working on the cutting-edge.

Science Communication Center Directory

Evans, Deidre Graduate Teaching Associate, SCC Tutor (239) 851-2455
Hirst, Russel Professor of English, Technical Communication (865) 974-6952
Legg, Robert Professor of Journalism, Electronic Media (865) 974-4887
Levine, Kenneth Professor of Communication Studies (865) 974-1136
Littmann, Mark Professor of Journalism, Electronic Media (865) 974-8156