Conversation with Harry Sindle of Cardinal Yachts June 23rd, 2001

Note: The following notes were taken rapidly in a phone conversation.  There are a couple of inconsistencies that are being checked.  Therefore, this material shouldn't be treated as fact until these inconsistencies can be cleared up.

Newport 16 originated on West Coast with Newport Boats in California (Check this. Inconsistent with later comment about Capital) . Newport Boats also had shop in Gloucester, Va at the same time. Both were originally owned by Browning Arms (the shotgun people).

Gloucester Yachts did not originally come out with Newport 16

Newport 16 molds were bought by Enterprise Yachts in Florida in 1976, bought by Newport Boats in middle 80's company changed ownership a few times, 1976 bought by Lockley Manufacturing, Bought 1981 by someone else who renamed Gloucester, out of business in 86 or 88 (unsure), Sindle left in 1986.

Neptune was an offshoot of the Newport and was made in California some where. Did not mention much about the Neptune.

Capital (should this read "Newport"?) originally built Newport 14, 16, 20, 30, 27. May have had different name at the time

Newport/Gloucester companies were in the same building since 1972, which is now Cardinal Yachts.

Company that owned Gloucester went to Urbana, Va (maybe) after Gloucester went out of business. H.S. feels that it is possible the molds are there somewhere. Said he has lots of molds out back of his building at Capital that he would like to get rid of somehow.

Gloucester started the G22, sold molds to guy at Classic Yachts in Chanute, Kansas.

Mutineer and Buccaneer. Were built by Chrysler, in 1980, sold to Texas Marine international, sold to Wellcraft in Florida made under name Starwind 15 and 18. Codesigner good friend of HS, called HS 1985 and convinced HS and Gloucester to pick up the Mutineer and Buccaneer, HS holds molds for 15 and 18, still makes Buccaneer under Cardinal Yachts.