Gloucester 20 Pictures


Following are pictures of the interior and exterior of several Gloucester 20s.

Winch mechanism, inside the cabin.

Inside the cabin looking out the hatch.

Underneath on the trailer (swing keel visible).

Inside the cabin looking toward the vee berth.

Starboard side, looking back inside cabin.

Port side, looking back inside cabin.



Will a G20 fit in your garage?  The owner of the above boat provided the following measurements:

From prow and bow rail to the engine mount are the same at 19'6"
From top of winch stand on trailer to the engine mount is 20'6"
From ground to top of cabin hatch is 6'3"
From ground to top of bow rail is 7'3"
From ground to top of stern rail is 6'7"


Here's one with a blue hull.

A view from the front.


Looking down inside cabin.

Portside, inside cabin.


Starboard side.  Note the small sink on this model.

Compression posts position and vee berth.

Sink on the opposite side here.

Aft cockpit area and stern rails.

Forward cockpit area and hatch.