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Photo: Paul Armsworth Dr. Paul R. Armsworth
Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

curriculum vitae
(accurate as of July 2014)

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Benjamin Crain

Project/topic: Synergies and feedbacks between local direct democracy and large scale biodiversity conservation efforts

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Christine Dumoulin Christine Dumoulin

Project/topic: Population dynamics and the causes/effects of extinction
Rachel Forvargue Rachel Fovargue

Project/Topic: How large deal conservation in non-profits relates to financial risk and conservation philanthropy; Size and spacing of marine reserves
Diane le BouilleDiane Le Bouille

Project/topic: Investigating the dynamic patterns of investment in protected areas to help inform more effective investments in land conservation

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StachowiakChad Stachowiak

Project/topic: Quantifying disturbance at two types of protected areas with differing funding mechanisms 

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Amy Benefield
Amy Benefield

Project/topic: How protected areas governed via local direct democracy are more or less biased in terms of landscape, habitat, and threat when compared to other types of protected areas.

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Postdoctoral Researchers Dr. Eric Larson, now faculty at U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Sharon Bewick, now postdoc at U. Maryland
Dr. Alison Boyer, now researcher at ORNL
Dr. Martin Dallimer (U. Sheffield), now faculty at U. Leeds
Dr. Zoe Davies (U. Sheffield), now faculty at U. Kent
Dr. Felix Eigenbrod (U. Sheffield), now faculty at U. Southampton
PhD Students Dr. Austin Milt, now postdoc at U. Wisconsin, Madison
Dr. Gwen Iacona, now postdoc at U. Queensland 
Dr. Gareth Lennox (U. Sheffield), now senior research associate at Lancaster U.
Dr. Josephine Booth (U. Sheffield), now research fellow at Sheffield Hallam U.
Dr. Isla Sian Fishburn (U. Sheffield), now at Kachina Canine
Masters Students Ana Laura Reboredo Segovia (Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI))
Shelby Renee Burks Ward
Nate Sutton, now Data Scientist, Jvion
Philippa Gullett (U. Sheffield), now a PhD student at U. Sheffield
Emily Hounslow (U. Sheffield), now a PhD student at U. Sheffield
Rebecca Weeks (U. Sheffield), now a postdoc at James Cook University
Natasha Leaver (U. Sheffield), now a primary school teacher in Sheffield
Undergraduate Students Patrick Mckenzie
Cole West, now an Environmental Law student at Florida State University
Abbie Percifield, now doing market research with Market Force
Technicians Lisette Cantu-Salazar (U. Sheffield), now a researcher at DEFRA
Mark Parnell (U. Sheffield), now head of en:mapping, a GIS consultancy
Andrew Skinner (U. Sheffield)
Vera Borgwardt (U. Sheffield), now Master's student at U. Bangor
Jennifer Gilbert (U. Sheffield), now at Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust
Kerry Skelhorn (U. Sheffield)

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PhD Students Berry Brosi (Stanford U.), now faculty at Emory U.
Hons. Students Michael Bode (James Cook U.), now a fellow at U. Melbourne
Klaas Hartmann (James Cook U.), now a senior research fellow at U. Tasmania

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