PGX News and Updates

Nov. 12, 2013 v737
   New equipment file format. New equipment file is Integer, not Byte sized.
   New equipment file editor. 'pgx_eqp.exe'. Old editor 'eqp_edit.exe' will convert old files to new format.

Nov. 30, 2011 v698
   Hanger deck detail screen added. Damaged naval units reduced speed. Loading old World map save file bug fixed.
November 22, 2011
   Pacific Scenario installed with main program. Scenario files may designate Module folders for specific
   Nation, and Equipment files.  Europe 1939, Pacific 1939 and World 1939 included with v696.
   (These e-files are still under developement as are the maps and scenarios.)
   Starting work on Naval Air rules next. (As soon as I get all the Mod Bugs sorted out !)
July 21, 2010
   Ah, I see I hzve not updated this in like 6 months ! Well, I have got the World map version sort of working.
   As soon as I am happy that it works nicely, I will begin creating the final map. Added a bunch of new optional rules.
   Alternate Combat system. New unit placement hex variant. New Supply rule (Depots)...still working on that.
Jan. 24, 2010
   Rail units re-worked entirely. Trains are purchased like regular units.
   Used like Naval or Air Transport. They stay on map after dis-embarking passengers.
Sept. 8, 2009
   Still working on the World version. Lot of pesky little problems to work around !
   But I think it will be ready to test before Halloween ! 
August 10, 2009
   New Air movement option added. Air units can execute missions anywhere within fuel range.
   Naval movement rates increased. 
   Added mine-laying for subs, and level bombers.
   Engineers can build air strips, road blocks, lay mines, build bridges, etc.
   Coming soon. Altitude levels, Night missions, Recon missions.
   Working on the Pacific, and world maps. 
March 27, 2008
   Fixed Air re-fueling bug. I hope this time for good !
March 26, 2008
   I took the Difficulty stuff off the AI options screen.
   You can adjust prestige in the OOB file so who needs it.
Mar. 17, 2008
   Added Production totals for countries into the .oob file.
   Objectives are adjusted to equal this total.
   So...some objectives are worth more or less than others.
   example Country with 40 production has 4 cities (Each worth 10)
           Country with 20 prodcution has 1 city (City worth 20)
   Conquered cities produce random from 0 - max value. (Average half)
   Added difficulty level stuff on ai options screen.
   -9 Ai controlled countries get 10% of their production
   -8 AI controlled countries get 20% of their production
    0 AI controlled gets normal (100%) production
    1 AI gets double
    2 AI gets triple
    9 AI controlled get 1000% (10 times production)

March 6, 2008
   Recon units who have used part of their movement factor are now marked 'move completed'
   if you move another unit after it. So finish scouting before going to another unit.
   Politics/Diplomacy rudiments added.
   AI controlled Countries may now declare, and fight wars against one another.  
   A Scenario .pol file may be added to each scenario. This file contains the Declare War,
   or Ally modifiers. They are added to a d100 die roll. If <1 then that country declares 
   war on the target country. Neutrals will not declare war if their production is less than
   the production totals of all their enemies. Including Allies of the target country.
   (Calling Allies, Breaking Alliances, Voluntary Alliances, coming soon.)
   If a Side is Human controlled, but some of that sides countries are AI controlled,
   then the AI controlled countries may still declare war ! 
   You can still use the F11 diplomacy screen to 'over-ride' these actions.
   Fuel and Ammo Reserves:
    Fuel and Ammo will be separated by Country...and not sides. I will stick some
    method of loaning Fuel, and Ammo to Allies in. 
Feb. 25, 2009
   AI has been changed from Side to Country based.
   If any country on a side is human controlled...set that side to human control.
   Then set any countries on that side to AI control if desired.
   After you finish your turn, the AI will finish moving AI controlled Allies.
   (Setting a Side to Human or AI sets ALL countries on that side to Human or AI.)    
   Re-wrote AI purchase...should run faster. 
   Changed weather to bigger areas covered.

Feb. 18, 2009
   Re-wrote the Move Screen and Recon Screen graphics. They should run faster on old computers.
Feb. 13, 2009
   I added the 'review forces' code.  You can display units by type. Sort by name, etc.
   I will add more features to this later. Sort by name sorts only by the country of the
   currently selected unit. (You can click on a unit in the list, then 'jump to that unit'.
Jan. 27, 2009
  Map Names:
  If you do NOT want map names to appear on the map. click 'RECON' button.
  (I did'nt have anything else to do with the 'RECON' button !)
  I am testing new weather rule for large map.
  I will put both old, and new weather rules in as option later
  For now I am allowing air units to attack in bad weather.
  Overcast halfs Attack Grades for both Defender and Attacker.
  Rain or Snow quarters Attack Grades for both.
  Level bombing accuracy is reduce -3 overcast and -5 rain or snow.
  Naval Transport Option:
  I added an optional naval transport rule. When you purchase naval transport
  units, they are placed on map like regular units. Embark from adjacent hexes.
  When dis-embarked they stay on the map, and have to go back empty, to pick up
  new units. (The old rule is the default.)
  Strength Tiles:
  To use custom strength tiles run factorsj.bat.
  To use standard strength tiles run factors1.bat.
  These batch files switch out the necessary files.
  Target Selection:
  Targets can be selected from Hex Stack window
  (if attacking unit is in same hex...Air-Ground, and vice versa)
  Level Bombers can NOW attack surface ships even if a Sub is stacked
  on top of it !
  Neutral Countries:
  Neutral counties will build units while they are still neutral !
  (I may cut their production levels until they are actively at war
  later, but this is still just in Test mode. Plus I want to see how
  many units can be on the map before I run out of memory !)

Oct. to Jan.
  I forgot...

Sept. 24,2008
   Small Unit Icons:
   I replaced the original small unit icons with scaled down, black
   silhouettes of the original icon.
   Rail movement:
   Purchase Rail points from purchase screen.
   If rail point is available, select unit, click Rail button in city or port.
   Movement 50 points along Road (Rail) line.
   You can only load in a city. Rail point use limit once per turn.
September 21, 2008
  PGX3 notes version 05-09-08 posted
  Map Size:
  Maps can be as Large as your computer's memory can stand !
  I have a test map of the ETO 622x590 far so good.
  I added a couple of functions. 
  F1 strategic map display options, and cycle unit options.
  F2 brings up the game options screen. (Not a lot on it, but it's there !)
  AutoSave can be turned ON or OFF. The save game takes too long on my crappy
  old slow computer, so I like to turn it off ! 

Sept. 17, 2008
  Corrections to Air to Ground combat...I was using wrong defence values !

Sept. 15, 2008
  I forgot what I did to this version...probably fixed a bunch of bugs !

August 5, 2008
  PGX version 13 notes 
  Added Prestige Per Turn ability.
  A '.ppt' file with the same name as the scenario.
  First line is a header. Turn, Side, Prestige.
  That Turn, that side will get that much extra prestige.
  Just enter a Non Zero turn value, for that unit in the '.oob' file,
  and they will appear at their specified hex, on that turn.
  Tested more than 2 sides per scenario. Confusing, but it works.
  You should be able to go up to 7 sides per scenario.
  Maybe more, I'd have to re-check.
  Tool Tips:
  Edit 'buttons.txt' in PGX main folder to change to another language.
  There are 28 lines in this file. (28 Buttons)