NSF / ONR Workshop on Key Scientific and Technological Issues for Development
of Next-Generation Organic Solar Cells

September 20-21 2012
Arlington, Va, USA

Workshop chair: Bin Hu (University of Tennessee)

Workshop co-chair: Wei You (UNC at Chapel Hill)

Organic Solar Cells are of much interest in the field of renewable energies. Due to their ease of materials processability and device fabrication, organic solar cells are now becoming an important topic in fundamental research and technological development. Currently, organic solar cells are facing both challenges and opportunities in research and development for high efficiencies, low cost, and long stabilities.

The objective of this workshop is to discuss critical issues involved in materials synthesis, device physics and fabrication, and theoretical modeling in organic solar cells. This workshop will be a two-day event from September 20 to 21, 2012 at the Hilton Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. The workshop program will include keynote and invited presentations together with three parallel breakout discussions focusing on materials synthesis, device physics and modeling, and device manufacture and stability. The goal of this workshop is to summarize a strategic plan to address key issues in materials synthesis, device design, and photovoltaic processes control for developing next-generation organic solar cells with device efficiencies greater than 15 %.

Held at

The Hilton Arlington

950 North Stafford Street

Arlington, VA 22203

(703) 528-6000 main

(703) 812-5127 fax