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Lab news
2/5/14: Two new open-access papers from the group are now online and freely available to anyone anywhere in the world. The first is Melissa Burt's unique paper looking at herbivores, intraspecific density, and warming effects on seedling dynamics. The second is Julian Resasco's paper comparing historical shifts in ant communities to shifts we see in the OTCs at Duke. Enjoy!

1/24/14: OK! After two months of not posting, we're back. Big news of late is that (1) Nate now lives in Copenhagen, (2) Quentin's cool new paper in Functional Ecology is officially published here, and (3) Chelsea Chisholm has joined the group as a PhD student in Copenhagen.

11/26/13: Just in time to read after Thanksgiving dinner, before the Steelers/Lions/Cowboys or whoever play, a review paper by Sundqvist, Sanders, and Wardle on how wonderful it is to do ecology in mountains.

11/11/13: It's time to announce officially that the sanders lab is moving to the Center for Macroecology, Evolution, and Climate at the University of Copenhagen starting in January 2014. The sanders lab at the University of Tennessee will still be fully functional and open even though Nate will be in Denmark.

11/03/13: Nate is just back from visiting friends at Yale. Beautiful time of year to be there. He's off Spain now for a retreat and jamón.

10/9/13: Here's my new favorite paper, led by lab alum Mariano Rodriguez-Cabal. It clearly demonstrates how wackiness can ensue when species are introduced.

8/10/13: Nate is off to Beijing to teach a course called Global Change and Biogeography. Back soon-ish.

7/12/13: A new open-access pape in PeerJ by Lab alumni Greg Crutsinger and Kerri Crawford and Angenlica Gonzalez and Nate is available for your beach reading.

7/8/13: Big few days in the lab. Quentin Read had his first paper accepted at Functional Ecology, and lab alum Matt Fitzpatrick had a paper accepted at Proc Roy Soc. Nate and Quentin are ensconced at RMBL, and Lacy is moving up and down the spine of the Appalachians collecting ants, and ants, and more ants.

6/21/13: Melissa Burt has signed the Wall of Fame! Click here to see the pic!

6/19/13: Field seasons are underway - Lacy is making her annual migration up and down the east coast and Quentin, after a week or so exploring northern Sweden, is getting set up in Colorado.

5/03/13: Dr. Katie Stuble won EEB's "Best dissertation" award!

5/.01/13: The end of the semester is nigh. Nate is about to head off to Costa Rica, Katie to Oklahoma, Quentin to Sweden, and Lacy to Peru.

4/12/13: Dr. Katie Stuble gave an absolutely wonderful exit seminar. She's soon on our way to a killer postdoc examining the interactive effects of climatic change and herbivores on plant communities.

4/3/13: Quentin Read just found out he's being awarded the Dr. Jean H. Langenheim Endowed Graduate Fellowship in the Ecology and Evolution of Plants from RMBL. Well done!

3/3/13: New paper by Katie Stuble and colleagues on the effects of experimental temperature manipulation on foraging in ants. And yes, it's an open-access journal.

33/1/13: Todd Palmer from the hated GatorLand is visiting the lab this week. Great visit.

2/25/13: Just an FYI to awards committees, editorial boards, powers-that-be, et al.: Nate is no longer eligible for any "40 under 40" awards.

2/11/13: Check out this new paper by Lacy Chick and Robert Warren on ants, mountains, and global change in Global Change Biology.

And about 6 years after these became popular, here's a Wordle describing most of what we do in the lab.

2/5/13: A new paper on birds of all things, led by James Stegen, just came out in GEB. This might be the last of the papers from the great NCEAS β-diversity working group.

2/4/13: Nate is just back from working on ant papers with Heloise Gibb, Kate Parr, and Rob Dunn in Liverpool and the Lake District.

1/15/13: Nate and Lacy started off the new year with a trip to Miami for the International Biogeography Society meeting. And they brought two colleagues home - David Nogues-Bravo and Hans Henrik Bruun for 3 days of running around in the (incredibly wet) Smokies.

12/17/2012: Just in time for the holidays! Katie Stuble and colleagues have a new paper in Oecologia that tests for essentially every mechanism of coexistence in ant communities.

12/3/12: Dr. Mariano Rodriguez-Cabal has defended his dissertation, had it approved by the university, and given his exit seminar. He's even signed the wall outside Nate's office. So it's offical, I guess.

11/8/12: Sarah Diamond and a big chunk of the warm ants crew have a new paper in Ecology this month. Plate 1 and Figure 1 would make nice wrapping paper for the upcoming holidays.

11/6/12: Here's a new paper by Shannon Pelini et al. to read while you're waiting in line to vote!

10/22/12: Nate is on his way to the University of Houston to visit old friends and colleagues.

9/28/12: Nate is in Copenhagen talking about journals and such. Nice to see old friends and visit favorite restaurants.

8/16/12: Field seasons are over and classes start in 7 days.

7/16/12: Here's a new paper by Mariano and two other invasion biologists.

6/27/12: Nate and Quentin are in RMBL, where it's been hot, dry, and dry. But now it's raining.

6/19/12: Nate is just back from China and over jet lag; field work is in full swing for everyone. And, Lauren Breza's senior thesis was just published in Ecology and Evolution!

5/11/12: Nate, Lacy, Katie, and Melissa just finished Aphaenophest at Harvard Forest, and Nate is now in Sweden, finishing up and starting projects wtih Maja Sundqvist and David Wardle.

4/19/12: It's not bragging if you can back it up.... Katie and Mariano are awesome grad students and just received Science Alliance Awards from the University of Tennessee.

4/18/12: Lots of lab visitors these days. Maja Sundqvist and Dan Metcalfe just flew back to Sweden. And now Sarah Diamond is here for the rest of the week. And... Kathleen Treseder is visiting to give as seminar.

4/2/12: Here's an update on the Kraft et al. paper from late 2011... Some colleagues took issue with our approach and published criticisms here and here. And here's our response, for those of you scoring at home.

3/29/12: World infamous ecologist and UT alum Tad Fukami visits the lab, starting today.

2/24/12: Big news from here is that Katie Stuble's dissertation is going to be improved, thanks to an NSF DDIG she was just awarded!.

2/02/12: Rob Jackson from Duke University is visiting the lab today, and Maggie Patrick's paper on ants in gaps in clould forests (with undergrad David Fowler and lab alum Rob Dunn) is published online early in Biotropica.

1/11/12: Happy New Year! The semester has started here, and lab friend Aurora Toennisson has just published a cool paper on the community ecology of urban ants.

12/15/11: Two new papers from the group today. The first is from Lara Souza's cool work on intraspecific variation in response to warming. And the second is a paper in PLoSONE on bird diversity in India, with Bhoj Acharya as first author. Because they're both Open Access, feel free to use either as a stocking stuffer for your friends and family.

12/9/11: It's the end of the term, and Nate is back in London visiting collaborators and making new connections. And lab alum JP Lessard has a new paper in Proccedings B on the interplay between ecology, evolution, and species pool.

11/23/11: Just in time for Thanksgiving celebrations, the Montane Biodiversity working group from NESCent has a paper out in Proceedings B. Read it, especially if you've always wondered about the relationship among latitude, climatic zonation and the ecology of speciation.

11/17/2011: The semester's drawing to a close, and lab alum Matt Fitzpatrick and friends show where ant biodiversity will be in the future, in this cool paper in Ecography.

10/18/2011: Nate's on his way back from London, and lab alum Jarrod Blue's Oecologia paper is officially published!

10/10/11: Katie's back from Spain, and Shannon Pelini et al. have a new paper in Methods in Ecology and Evolution that describes the Ant warming project. Check it out here.

9/23/11: Lots of exiting things going on in the lab today, so much that there are two posts in one day.
Exciting thing 1: Lara's paper.
Exciting thing 2: Nate and others have a paper in one of the glossies on beta diversity.
Exciting thing 3: Nate and Carsten Rahbek have edited a virtual special issue on elevational gradients. Check it out here.
Exciting thing 4: Nate takes off for the European Ecological Fedaration meeting in Avila Spain tomorrow. If you need to meet him, he'll be in the closest tapas bar.

9/23/11: Ever wonder why some places have more invasive plants than others? So did Lara Souza, and here's what she found in this exciting new paper in Functional Ecology.

9/12/11: Here's a cool new paper by Mariano and company on the effects of the Asian needle ant on seed dispersal mutualisms.

8/11/11: Both summer and ESA are drawing to a close. Johannah Reed killed it this summer on her senior thesis work. Katie and Mariano gave great posters at ESA. Nate can't wait to get back to check in with Melissa and Lacy after their first field seasons, and to start in on incoming PhD student Quentin Read. Oh! And Nate now studies the Dimensions of Biodiversity and has a paper coming out soon in one of the weekly magazines...stay tuned!

7/9/2011: It's the peak of the summer field season, and all's well. But some things are great, like this new paper on the effects of the loss of Hemlock trees on arthropod communities by Tara Sackett et al.

6/15/2011: For those of you who like ants, phylogenies, and/or community ecology, check out this paper by lab alum JP Lesssard and colleagues in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

6/10/2011: Nate is off to Iceland to make sure there are no ants there (check out figure 5 in this new paper by led by Clinton Jenkins and the usual cast of global ant collaborators).

6/6/2011: Three new papers from the lab and collaborators this week, one led by Shannon Pelini on the short-term effects of warming on ants and the things they do, one led by Jane Zelikova on the effects of ants on ecosystems, and one led by Antonin Machac on the interplay between the environment and competition on ant community structure.

6/03/2011: Lab alumni Jarrod Blue and Lara Souza, along with Jen, Aimee and Nate have a new paper in Oecologia on the effects of nutrients and insects on above- and below-ground production in old fields

6/02/2011: Mariano is back from Patagonia, Katie is off to Sweden, and Nate and friends have a new paper in the Proceedings of the Royal Society (B) on latitude, elevational climatic zonation and speciation in New World vertebrates.

5/10/2011: The semester is drawing to a close, and Lara has a new paper in Functional Ecology on the NERR.

4/1/2011: Kailen Mooney is visiting lab today, and Johannah Reed was awarded summer fellowship from UTK's office of research for work at RMBL this summer.

3/19/11: Big news: Mariano just had his NSF DDIG recommended for funding! Think of all the wasp poison, deer exclosures, and Argentine wine he can buy now!

2/24/2011: Here's a really cool paper in Ecography on contemporary and predicted ant diversity in North America, by lab alum Matt Fitzpatrick, Mike Weiser, Rob Dunn, Jack Longino, Simon Ferrier, and Nate.

2/17/2011: Nate is off to UNC Wilmington to visit Brian Arbogast and his lab.

2/14/2011: Guess what? Katie has a webpage! And a new paper in Conservation Biology with Nate, Kay Kirkman, and Ron Carroll!

2/10/2011: Catherine Graham is visiting the lab this week.

2/8/2011: Nate is just back from visiting Mariano, Noelia, and Martin in Patagonia.

1/21/2011: Nate is just back from visiting the ant warming experiment at Duke Forest, and Jon Shik from the University of Oklahoma is here for a visit and seminar.

1/14/2011: Joan Herbers, one of the very best ant biologists around, is visiting the lab this week.

12/23/2010: Just in time for you last-minute gift givers out there - a new paper by Nuria Roura-Pascual, 21 co-authors, and Nate in PNAS on the relative roles of climate, propagule pressure, and humans on the global distribution of the Argentine ant.

11/22/2010: Application deadlines for grad school are just around the corner. I've updated my "advice to grad students in ecology" document with a lot of new information from current students in this department.

11/19/2010: Lara Souza's cool paper showing the effects of dominant plant species on community structure and function is online early.

11/12/2010: Surely you've wondered what all the fuss is about beta diversity and how you can (and should...) quantify it. Well, here's a paper in Ecology Letters led by the amazing Marti Anderson and written with the rest of the beta diversity working group at NCEAS.

11/4/2010: Nate is back at NCEAS again, talking about beta diversity for the last time. Ever.

10/27/10: Don Strong is visiting the lab this week, and Mariano and Katie are now PhD candidates.

10/26/10: Here's a cool paper in Oikos on the interplay between resources and temperature along elevaitonal gradients. It's by JP Lessard, David Fowler, Nick Reynolds, Tara Sackett, and Nate.

10/13/10: Nate is on his way to Colorado for a quick trip, and the semester is more than half over.

9/14/2010: Check out this cool map of many of the global ant collaborators.

9/10/2010: The semester is rolling along, and Nate is a co-author on a paper about the diversity of aphids and the ants that tend them in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

8/19/2010: First day of classes for Nate and others. Plus, tomorrow JP Lessard gives his PhD seminar to the department. Exciting times.

7/24/2010: Nate is off to the Rocky Mountain BIological Lab for two weeks of field work.

7/6/10: Brazil and the US may be out of the World Cup, but Lara Souza, WIndy Bunn, Jake Weltzin and Nate have a new paper in Biological Invasions on the drivers of invasion dynamics across spatial scales.

7/5/2010: Tara Sackett, Aimée, and Nate celebrate America's birthday by getting a new paper published in Oikos on how soil food web structure influences above- and below-ground ecosystem processes.

6/15/2010: Nate is back in Spain, visiting Nuria Roura-Pascual and many others at the University of Girona and Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya. Lots of tapas and really cool ants, like Goniomma hispanicum.

6/5/10: Katie Stuble, who was awarded a DOE fellowship last year just found out she was awarded an EPA STAR fellowship this year!

6/1/2010: Nate is In Seville, Spain visiting Xim Cerda's Ant Group. Katie's in the field, Mariano is (finally) returning from Argentina, Jarrod is finishing his thesis, and JP is finishing his dissertation.

5/17/2010: Congrats to Jessica Welch. Not only did she just graduate from UT, but she was also the recipient of the 1st annual Brown Award for being the most stellar undergrad in EEB.

5/15/2010: What drives geographic variation in ant species density in canopies? This new paper in Biology Letters by Mike Weiser, Nate, and Rob Dunn and a dozen or so other ant ecologists will tell you.

4/22/10: Nate is on his way to NCEAS to talk about beta diversity again.

4/17/2010: Next time you're in the Siskiyou Mountains in southern Oregon and northern California, and you wonder how ant communities there are put together, all you need to do is read this paper in Oikos by Sarah Wittman, Nate, Aaron Ellison, Erik Jules, Jaime Ratchford and Nick Gotelli.

4/16/2010: Nate is not in Amsterdam for the weekend, and he is not going to visit the Dutch Institute of Ecology next week. He's been Eyjafjallajoekull'ed.

3/31/10: Mariano makes the local news. You can (perhaps) read about it here.

3/18/10: For those of you with frequent flier miles to burn, Nate is giving a talk tomorrow in Copenhagen.

3/6/10: Christy McCain and Nate have a new paper in the February issue of Ecology that's worth reading if you're interested in elevational diversity gradients or the metabolic theory of ecology.

3/4/10: If you're one of the three people on the planet who care about Nate's perspectives on anything, here are two new essays, one in Molecular Ecology commenting on a really cool study by rising star Kerri Crawford and established star Ken Whitney and the other is the introduction to a special issue in Ecography on spatial scale and insect distributions.

3/2/10: Nate is just back from visiting Joaquin Hortal at Silwood Park. Great place, great people, and great pub.

1/20/10: A new paper by a slew of butterfly biologists and Nate on the effects of climate change and habitat alteration just came out in PNAS. You can read it here.

1/19/10: The newest news of the new year is that JP Lessard has accepted a postdoc at The Center for Macroecology, Evolution, and Climate at the University of Copenhagen.

12/28/09: Mariano is in Patagonia initiating his field work in the southern hemisphere.

12/21/09: Nate is off to Denmark for a while to work with Carsten Rahbek's group at the University of Copenhagen.

12/2/09: For those of you wanting to do some reading over the break, here's a great book (with a chapter by Rob, Nate, Mike, and Benoit).

11/24/09: Here are a few recent pictures from the Ant Warming Experiment at Duke Forest (AWE@DF).

11/19/09: If you've ever wanted to know how much understory plant and tree communities in the Smokies have changed over the past 30 years, you should read this new paper by Windy Bunn, former undergrad Claire Brown, Mike Jenkins, and Nate in Ecography.

11/16/09: Mariano's got a new webpage.

11/6/09: Nate is off for a week at NCEAS to think about beta diversity. Jon Chase has agreed to buy all of Nate's dinners for the entire week.

10/27/09: Doug Levey of hot pepper and corridor fame is visitng the lab later week. We're all looking forward to it, even though he's a Gator.

10/26/09: Nate is off to Centre College to talk ants with undergrads.

10/20/09: Nate is off to Duke to give a seminar to the Ecology group and visit Duke Forest.

10/14/09: Nate is geauxing to LSU to give a seminar in the Entomology Department.

10/8/09: Gary Graves from the Smithsonian Institution is visiting the lab this week.

9/29/09: Two new papers in Ecology this month. The first by JP, Jim Fordyce, Nick Gotelli and Nate shows that invasive ants can alter the phylogenetic structure of ant communities. The second is by Travis Belote (former UTK grad student), Nate, and Bob Jones and shows how disturbance alters local-regional relationships in forests.

9/18/09: Nate is in China visiting JY Fang's group at Peking University. It's an amazing place, with lots of people working on lots of interesting projects. But Nate has yet to win a table tennis match.

8/29/09: New paper by Crutsinger, Sanders, and Classen on intra- vs. inter-specific variation in decomposition rate in Solidago species.

8/24/09: Two, count them, two new papers from the lab group. The first one is in Ecology Letters, with Nick Haddad as the lead author and Greg as a co-author. The second one is a by Mariano in Diversity and Distributions.

8/23/09: Nate is teaching a grad seminar in Community Ecology this semester. Click here to see what they're up to.

7/29/09: Here's a cool picture of a (probably) Formica obscuripes nest at a field site in Colorado.

6/13/09: Nate is at RMBL for the rest of the summer working on ants in the mountains (lots of Formica...).

5/26/09: Nate is at NESCent worrying about montane biodiversity.

5/22/09: Ever wonder if Argentine ants affect seed-dispersal mutualisms? Then you should read the new paper by Mariano, Katie, Martin Nunez, and Nate in Biology Letters.

5/21/09: It's the beginning of the field season and traveling season. Nate is at Duke Forest with Rob Dunn, Katie, and Aaron Ellison to discuss their warming experiment, then off to NESCent to talk about diversity in mountains.

5/15/09: Surely you've wondered about the coefficients in spatial and non-spatial regression? So did the 46 authors of this new manuscript in Ecography.

4/21/09: End of the semester here; Nate is off to UC San Diego to visit David Holway, Walter Jetz, et al. and go anting in the desert.

4/03/09: JP was just awarded an NSF DDIG!

4/01/09: Jon Chase, Amy Freestone, and Nate will be leading a working group on beta diversity this fall at NCEAS. Stay tuned for reports on interesting papers arising from the group...

3/28/09: Greg Crutsinger is now Dr. Gregory M. Crutsinger.

3/25/09: Big news! Katie Stuble was just awarded a DOE GREF fellowship!

3/24/09: Greg Crutsinger's Dissertation Defense and Exit Seminar are this Friday. Not bad for a kid from small town in Ohio.

3/11/09: Nate is off to Copenhagen to work with Carsten Rahbek and his group for the next 10 days.

3/10/09: Diversity in local ant communities is assymetrical around the equator, at least according to a new paper by Rob Dunn, JP Lessard, Nate, and 26 of their closest friends in Ecology Letters.

3/03/09: Nate is just back from giving a seminar in Middle Tennessee State and is getting ready for prospective grad student weekend at UTK.

2/20/09: How many ecological buzzwords can you fit into one paper? Crutsinger, Cadotte, and Sanders have set the bar pretty high in a new paper in Ecology Letters on inquiline community structure in rosette galls.

2/19/09: Chris Buddle from McGill is visiting the lab this week and giving the departmental seminar.

2/10/09: Jane Zelikova just landed a sweet postdoc in Moab, UT working on soil ecology!

2/9/09: JP's paper with Rob and Nate on the structure of ant communities in temperate forests just got accepted at Insectes Sociaux. If you knew what JP had to go through to do this work, you'd be *really* impressed.

1/7/09: Today's the first day of spring semester, the new and improved grad course in Ecology, and the day before JP and Nate leave to go to the IBS meeting in Merida, Mexico.

12/13/08: Great party to celebrate Lara's PhD!

12/10/08: Big news: Greg just found out that he was awarded the Miller Fellowship at UC-Berkeley.

12/06/08: Nate just returned from WashU, where he hung out with the incredible faculty and students.

11/19/08: JP was just awarded a travel grant to attend the International Biogeography Society meeting in Merida, Mexico next January.

11/14/08: Nate is off to Reno to participate in the Entomological Collections Network Annual meeting.

11/10/08: Sure, host-plant genotypes matter. But do they influence foliage-based and litter-based communities in the same way?This paper by Crutsinger et al. has the answer, at least for Solidago.

10/22/08: Greg is giving a talk in Entomology at UC Davis, JP is beginning to write his DDIG, Jarrod is beginning to write his GREF, Katie is becoming a modeler, Mariano is a meta-analyzer, and Nate stays home with sick kids.

9/29/08: Nate is teaching Community Ecology (EEB 421) in the spring. Sign up now, before it's too late!

9/08/08: The big Sanders-Classen Lab Fall party went off without a hitch. Click here for a picture of the whole gang and their friends.

8/13/08: Ever wonder what all of those Aphaenogater rudis ants are doing in temperate forests? Then check out this new paper by Jane Zelikova, Rob Dunn, and Nate.

8/11/08: Want to see where everyone in the lab has been this summer? Then click here.

7/30/08: Field season is starting to wind down, and everyone is gearing up for a trip to ESA in Milwaukee.

7/5/08: Nate is off to the International Entomological Congress in Durban, South Africa and then to an Argentine Ant Workshop in Stellenbosch.

6/26/08: This should've been posted a while back. But if you wanted to know how to be a good grad student in ecology, read the reply by Simberloff and Nate published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. Oh, and Greg and Martin Nuñez had some thoughts too.

6/23/08: Lara Souza is now Dr. Lara Souza!

6/12/08: Knoxville is Austin without the hype...

6/09/08: Before your next trip to Sweden, make sure you read this paper by Crutsinger, Sanders, Albrectsen, Abreu and Wardle in Functional Ecology on how ecosystem retrogression affects trophic interactions.

5/31/08: Nate is just back from a NESCent working group on montane biodiversity. Tomorrow he takes off for some field work in Arizona.

5/15/08: The lab has emptied out for the summer. Tara is at Coweeta & Harvard Forest, Mariano is in Argentina, Windy is on her way to the Grand Canyon, JP is in Japan & Spain, Greg is in California, and Maggie and Lara are holed up finishing their theses.

5/8/08: Congratulations to Windy Bunn, who just defended her Masters Thesis!

4/30/08: Phil Lester from Victoria University of Wellington is visiting the lab, giving a seminar, and checking out some of our sites (and ants) in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

4/25/08: Nate is in Boulder for Jane Zelikova's PhD seminar and to collaborate with Christy McCain on a couple of projects.

4/21/08: Greg is off to Bodega Bay to initiate a couple of new projects with Jay Stachowicz and Sharon Strauss.

4/14/08: Jon Chase is visiting the lab this week and giving a departmental seminar.

3/29/08: Ever wonder about the effects of climatic change on Banksia in Western Australia? If so, check out this new paper by Fitzpatrick et al. in Global Change Biology.

3/26/08: BIG NEWS: JP Lessard was just awarded an NSERC fellowship, and Greg Crutsinger just received an NSF DDIG!

3/25/08: Brian Inouye and Nora Underwood from Florida State are visiting the lab this Thursday and Friday.

2/25/08: It's official: Matt Fitzpatrick is now Dr. Matthew C. Fitzpatrick, PhD. Sooner than any of us want, he's off to Harvard Forest to begin a postdoc.

2/4/08: Greg is in the south of France giving a talk on community genetics. He's also drinking lots of wine and eating lots of bread and cheese.

1/31/08: Matt Fitzpatrick is gearing up to defend his PhD and start a postdoc based at Harvard Forest.

1/14/08: Happy new year! We've been slow to post, because of the addition of the newest lab member over the Holidays: Finn Marshall Sanders was born on December 17.

12/11/07: It's the end of the fall semester, and a new paper by Crutsinger, superstar undergrad alum Mellisa Habenicht, Classen, Schweitzer and Sanders was just published in Plant and Soil.

12/3/07: A new paper by Nicole Heller, Jessica Shors, Deborah Gordon, and Nate on the invasion dynamics of the Argentine ant just came out in Oecologia.

11/22/07: Just in time for Thanksgiving, a new paper in Oikos by Crutsinger, Collins, Fordyce, and Sanders on the temporal dynamics of the arthropod community associated with Solidago.

11/16/07: Greg is up at Eastern Kentucky University giving a seminar.

11/13/07: Lara, Windy, Greg led John Wiens from the Nature Conservancy around the field sites at Freel's Bend.

11/6/07: Nick Haddad from NC State is visiting the lab and giving a departmental seminar.

11/2/07: Rob Dunn and collaborators are here to begin setting up the warming experiment at Duke Forest and Harvard Forest.

10/31/07: Just in time for Halloween, check out the new paper on genotypes and genotypic diversity as barriers to plant invasions by Crutsinger, Souza, and Sanders in Ecology Letters.

10/2/07: Tara is off to Coweeta to sample top predators in leaf litter communities, then to Harvard Forest to begin a litter transplant experiment.

9/26/07: Greg is at the University of Zurich giving a talk, and Nate is at GBIF in Copenhagen at a workshop on diversity in montane regions.

9/18/07: JP and his devoted field crew have just finished harvesting a 3-month long experiment looking at the interactive effects of temperature and food addition on leaf-litter ant (and arthropod) community structure along the environmental gradient in the Smokies. Now the ID'ing begins...

9/17/07: Nate is just back from beautiful Boulder, where he visited Jane Zelikova and her committee. Matt's just back from a trip to Australia where he worked on several collaborative projects.

9/15/07: Check out this new paper in Ecology by Sanders, Weltzin, Crutsinger, Nuñez, Fitzpatrick, Oswalt, and Lane. The paper shows, using a manipulative experiment, how multiple factors can interact to shape invasions.

8/26/07: After 29 nights in the tents, 250 miles of hiking, 4 bee stings, and about 200 Clif bars...Windy Bunn (with the help of undergrad superstar Claire Brown) has finished her field work in the Smokies!

8/05/07: Kerri Crawford's paper with Greg and Nate appears in this month's issue of Ecology. Click here to check it out. And there's a nice paper in the same issue testing whether the metabolic theory of ecology can account for broad-scale variation in species richness. There are several responses to the paper that are also worth reading.

8/04/07: Windy and Lara are off to present at ESA in beautiful San Jose.

6/20/07: More big news from Canada (Quebec really): JP Lessard was just awarded a prestigious 3-yr FQRNT fellowship to support his PhD research.
And Tara Sackett will be joining the lab as a postdoc for two years, also supported a FQRNT fellowship.
Thanks, Canada!

5/27/07: Greg is visiting David Wardle's group in Sweden until October.

5/26/07: Here's a new paper by Dunn, Parker and Sanders on temporal partitioning in ant communities.

5/17/07: Check out the new paper on assembly rules in ant commmunities by Sanders, Gotelli, Wittman, Ratchford, Ellison, and Jules in the Journal of Biogeography.

5/9/07: Nate is in Copenhagen for an Ecography meeting and to meet with Carsten Rahbek's group at the University of Copenhagen.

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