John Nolt


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December 4, 2008


Sherry Sims, Director

Human Resources Administration

115 Conference Center Building
CAMPUS  4115


Dear Ms. Sims,

I am writing to request your attention to certain concerns that have arisen with respect to the 2009 changes to the 403(b) Tax Deferred Income Plan.


As I understand it, the University of Tennessee has determined to restrict the number of approved plan providers (and, as a result, participant investment options) under its 403(b) Tax Deferred Income (TDI) plan in response to changes in Internal Revenue Service regulations applicable to the plan.  Furthermore, as a result of these changes to the TDI plan, certain participants must (a) change their investment designations in the TDI plan by January 2009 or (b) forfeit their participation in the plan until a new investment election is made.


The UTK Faculty Senate Faculty and Staff Benefits Committee is concerned that participants have received confusing, inaccurate, and incomplete information to date relating to the TDI plan amendments, including:



As a result the UTK Faculty Senate Faculty and Staff Benefits Committee believe that TDI plan participants have not been given or afforded access to sufficient information in order to make an investment decision regarding their participation in the TDI  plan, as amended.



Thus on behalf of members of the UTK, UTIA, and UTSI faculty, I request that The University of Tennessee provide clear, accurate, and complete Investment-Relevant information to all participants in the TDI plan as soon as possible.


John Nolt


University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Faculty Senate