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:: March 8-10, 2012 ::


>>Thursday, March 8th
5:00-6:00pm (Mary Greer Room in Hodges Library) Registration and Opening Reception
6:00pm (Hodges Library Auditorium) Plenary Talk: Adam J. Banks (U of Kentucky) “Technologizing Funk/Funkin Technology: Stevie Wonder's Talking Book and an Afrofuturistic View of CompRhet” Introduction and Opening Remarks: Katharine A. Burnett (U of Tennessee, Knoxville)
>>Friday, March 9th
9:00-11:30am (UC Room 227) Registration and Breakfast
9:30-11:15am Session 1
(UC Room 225) A. Civic Engagement and Digital Discourse
Chair: Jim Civis (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) 1 Joseph Herrera (Washington State University) “The Bits and Bytes of Social Capital: The Attacks on the ‘Digital Age’ and the Ghettoization of Youth” 2 Julie Barger (Middle TN State University) “Good as You is Better Than Most: Learning About Effective Rhetoric from One Website’s Efforts to Challenge Representation of Homosexuality” 3 Richard Curry (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) “Communication Technologies: How the Internet Allows LGBT Individuals to Re-Negotiate Social Identities”
(UC Room 226) B. Destructive Technologies?
Chair: Jody Dunville (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) 1 Paula Iken (U of Akron) “The Cochlear Implant: Sabotaging Cultural Voice” 2 Trevor Hedberg (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) “Can Intergenerational Moral Apathy Be Overcome?” 3 Jessica Bonner (U of Alabama, Birmingham) “The Cyberbully Web”
(UC Room 218) C. Access and Identity in Higher Education
Chair: Kirsten Benson (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) 1 Jason Caudill (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) “Education, Advancement, and Lifelong Learning in the Digital Age: The Future of For-Credit OpenCourseWare and Open Educational Resources” 2 Robert Balla (U of Akron) “Silencing the Voice of Experience”
11:15-11:30am Break
11:30am (UC Room 226) Plenary Talk: Barclay Barrios (Florida Atlantic U) “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Digital Literacy” Introduction: Dennis McGlothin (Dept. of English, U of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Respondent: Susan Groenke (College of Education, U of Tennessee, Knoxville)
12:30-1:45pm Lunch on your own
1:45-5:00pm (UC Room 227) Registration and Snacks
2:00-3:15pm Session 2
  (UC Room 226) “Mediums.” - A creative presentation Nick DeFord and Evan Meaney (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) Introduction: Christian Gerard (U of Tennessee, Knoxville)
3:15-3:30pm Break
3:30pm (UC Room 226) Plenary Talk: Roundtable Discussion, “Open-Source and Digital Academic Publishing”
Katie Rawson, Emory University, Managing Editor, Southern Spaces
Linda Phillips, U of TN Libraries, Newfound Press
Melanie Feltner-Reichert, U of TN Libraries, Newfound Press
Holly Mercer, U of TN Libraries, Newfound Press
Sarah Gardial, U of Tennessee, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
7:00pm (100 S. Gay Street) Reception at the Emporium Gallery downtown
8:00pm (Emporium, 100 S. Gay Street) Plenary Talk: Nancy Paterson (OCAD University, Toronto) “IXmaps” Introduction: Katharine A. Burnett (U of TN, Knoxville)
>>Saturday, March 10th
8:45-9:30am (UC Room 227) Registration and Coffee
9:00-10:15am Session 3
(UC Room 226) A. Integrating Voice and Technology in the Classroom
Chair: Carolyn Wisnewski (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) 1 Taimi Olsen (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) “The Potential Impact of Instructional Theory: Student Voice and Co-Creation of Value in the Classroom” 2 Joellen Maples (St. John Fisher College) “Out of the Classroom and Into Cyberspace: Preservice Teachers Learning to Discuss Literature Online with High School Students” 3 Lauren Copley (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) “Giving Voice to Students Through Technology and Debate in the Classroom”
(UC Room 225) B. Media and Messages
Chair: Charles Maland (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) 1 Vicki Phipps and Ryan Woldruff (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) “Reformance: A Performance Art (Re)search Based Exploration in Texturizing Media” 2 Liz Murphy Thomas (Lincoln Memorial U) “Marching in Seven-League Boots: Nicéphore Niépce to Digital Workflow”
(UC Room 218) C. Retextualizing Traditional Texts
Chair: John Stromski (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) 1 Matthew Bryant-Cheney (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) “‘Mah folks can’t plant nothing!’: The Pastoral and Environmental Racism in Richard Wright’s Uncle Tom’s Children” 2 Matthew Raese (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) “Ironic Counter-Factualism and Meta-Encyclopedism in the Parodic Encyclopedia Online and Print” 3 Jennifer Fierke (U of Minnesota) “Darwin and the Digital Body: Evolution, the Posthuman, and Imaginative Spaces of Embodiment” 4 Kelsey LeCrone (Belmont U) “The Relationship Between Reading and Listening in Literature”
10:15-10:30am Break
10:30-12:00pm (UC Room 226) Plenary Talk and Breakfast: Roundtable Discussion, “Disembodied Discourse?: Technology, Civility, and the Pedagogy of Public Discourse in the Study of Religion”
Chair: Erin Darby U of Tennessee, Knoxville, Dept. of Religious Studies
Rosalind Hackett U of Tennessee, Knoxville, Dept. of Religious Studies
Kelly Baker U of Tennessee, Knoxville, Dept. of Religious Studies
Elizabeth Henrickson U of Tennessee, Knoxville, Dept. of Journalism and Electronic Media
Taimi Olsen TN Teaching and Learning Center, Associate Director
12:00-1:30pm (UC Hermitage Room) Closing Reception
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