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:: March 8-10, 2012 ::



  • Katie Burnett
  • Bushra Malaibari
  • Dennis McGlothin
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    This Year's Theme:

    Recent conversations concerning immigration, health care, and gay rights have illustrated the sensitivity of voiced perspectives in society. While the topics of debate are not new, the modes in which people participate in them seem to have changed considerably with advances in information technology. Advances in the speed with which people can communicate, increases in access to computers and the Internet, and the rise of social media have all contributed to the idea that we are living in a brave new media world of democratized information, communication, and social action. For instance, emerging conversations on iPads, Wikileaks, and social networking sites for political reform have also been shaping our society.

    The 2012 NEXUS conference seeks to explore how technologies, both past and present, affect self-representation and self-expression. Has the rise of information technology actually produced a sea change in the way we interact among ourselves and with the world around us? Has it changed the nature of action, communication, text, art, and other concepts? Further, how can we rethink the ways in which technologies of the past have played a role in self-representation?

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