NEXUS: Collected and Collective Identities

(All sessions and events will take place at the University Center unless noted otherwise.)



Friday, March 28

9:30am-5:00pm: Registration and Refreshments at the University Center, 2nd floor


SESSION I: 10:30am-12:00pm

Panel 1: Creating Home/land                                                               Room 225

Chair: David Tompkins

1.     Robin ANDERSON, University of Massachusetts at Amherst: “Syberberg, Hollywood, and Storytelling: The ‘Afterlives’ of Hitler on Film.”

2.     Brenda ALEXANDER, University of Tennessee: “Planting ‘a Community of Gentlemen and Ladies’ on the Plateau: Thomas Hughes and His East Tennessee Colony.”

3.     Tyler EFIRD, University of Tennessee: “Native Exile: Landscape, Re-membering, and Cultural Transformation in Silko’s Ceremony.”


Panel 2: Gender and Sexuality                                                             Room 226

Chair: Michael Matteson

1.     Mrinalini CHAKRAVORTY, University of Virginia: “Recollecting Midnight: Worlding the Nation and the Question of Sexual Difference.”

2.     Delores AMORELLI, University of Florida: “The Prison of Fixed Identities: Spaces of Subjectivity in The Sun has Looked Upon Me.”

3.     Anu NARULA, University of Tennessee: “The 'Forbidden Threshold' of Female Desires in the Realm of Magic Realism: 'Immigrant Dreams' in Chitra B. Divakaruni’s The Mistress of Spices.”


LUNCH BREAK: 12:00pm-1:30pm


SESSION II: 1:30pm-3:00pm

Panel 3: The Ethics of Military Collectives                                             Room 225

Chair: Teresa Saxton

1.     Melissa LOUCKS, Florida Atlantic University: “Paramilitary Organizations: Distinguishing Individuals within a Team-Centered Collective.”

2.     Lance MINOR, Marine Corps University/University of Hawaii: “Conflicting Loyalties and the Marine Non-Commissioned Officer.”







Panel 4: Collective Memory                                                                 Room 226

Chair: Teresa Hooper

1.     Benjamin MONTOYA, Puget Sound Early College/Highline Community College: “‘A United Empire’: Remembrance of the ‘the Fallen’ as a Form of National Cohesion in Post-Great War England, 1918-1920.”

2.     Susan EASTMAN, University of Tennessee: “Commemoration and Collective Memory at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.”

3.     Kasey BAKER, University of Tennessee: “Literary Networks and the Victorian Dramatic Monologue.” 


SESSION III: 3:30pm-5:00pm

Panel 5: Ethnicity and Cultural Memory                                                          Room 225

Chair: Elaine Childs

1.     Jaclyn H. JONES, Saint Louis University: “’Authentic in Every Detail’: The Production of Ethnic Identity in the St. Louis Japanese Garden and 1977 Japanese Festival.”

2.     Michelle FACOS, Indiana University: “Ethnic-Religious Minorities and National Identity: The Jewish Intellectual Community in Late-19th Century Sweden.”

3.     Yuki OBAYASHI, San Francisco State University: “The Construction of Vietnamese American Refugee Literature.”


RECEPTION 5:00-6:00

University Center Room 227



Shelley Jackson: “Words on SKIN.”

UT Downtown Gallery

Saturday, March 29


9:00am-5:00pm: Registration and Refreshments at the University Center, 2nd floor


SESSION IV: Saturday 9:30am-11:00am

Panel 7: Navigating Ethnic Affiliations                                                   Room 225

Chair: Misty Krueger

1.     Brian FLOTA, Oklahoma State University: “A Post-Provincial America: The Early Work of the Before Columbus Foundation.”

2.     Ari OFENGENDEN, University of Tuebingen: “World Community and Answerability to the Other’s Strangeness.”

3.     Tealia DE BERRY, Florida Atlantic University: “Ghost Dancing on Concrete: Urban Landscape and the Anxiety of Authenticity in Sherman Alexie’s Indian Killer.”


Panel 8: Racial Identity                                                                        Room 226

Chair: Meredith McCarroll

  1. Donal HARRIS, University of California at Los Angeles: “Beyond Protest: John A. Williams’ Dialectical Collective.”
  2. Michael HILL, University of Iowa: “Looking for a Native Tongue: Racial Identity in Reagan Era African American Culture.”
  3. Jennifer HO, University of North Carolina: “Passing through Asian America: Racial Ambiguity and Mixed-Race Asian Americans.”



Brent Hayes Edwards: “Music for Cartographers: Jazz, Collaboration, and Imagined Collectivity.”

Lindsey Young Auditorium, Hodges Library, 1st Floor.


LUNCH: 1:00-2:30

Hermitage Room, University Center, 3rd Floor


SESSION V: 2:30pm-4:00pm

Panel 9: Pop Culture and the Creation of Collectives                                      Room 225

Chair: Matthew Raese

1.     Ian DAHLMAN, Ryerson University/York University: “’It’s All Gonna Break’: Broken Social Scene and Collective Anxiety.”

2.     Stephen M. JONES, Ball State University: “Ideals of Heroism in Frank Miller’s Sin City.”

3.     Lily HARMON-GROSS and Tricia HEPNER, University of Tennessee: “Cell Phones in Unlikely Places: The Strengths and Lengths of Transnational Communication.”





Panel 10: Urban Space                                                                        Room 226

Chair: Lisi Schoenbach

1.     Maria STEHLE, University of Tennessee: “’Ghetto Films, Ghetto Stories’: Cityscapes and Identifications in 21st Century Germany.”

2.     Nathaniel HEGGINS BRYANT, University of Tennessee: “Bringing the Crowd to Life, Building the Slums from Scraps: Brazilian Naturalism in AluÍso Azevedo’s The Slum.”

3.     Erica DA COSTA, Fordham University: “Ivan Illich: The Cry for Caritas.”


Panel 11: Regionalism                                                                         Room 227

Chair: Bill Hardwig

1.     Taylor HAGOOD, Florida Atlantic University: “The Burden of the Southern Collective: Cultural Shorthand and New Southernist Perspectives.”

2.     Lindsey GEDELMAN, University of Tennessee: “Remembering Coastal Maine: Regionalism in a Global Landscape in Sarah Orne Jewett’s The Country of the Pointed Firs.”

3.     Amy WRIGHT, Austin Peay State University: “Dairy-dapple and Dilapidation: The Cultural Aesthetic of Appalachia.”


SESSION VI: 4:00pm-5:30pm

Panel 12: Em/Immigration                                                                  Room 226

Chair: Joel Brooks

1.     Regine O. JACKSON, Emory University: “The Haitian Today is Like the Irish Yesterday: Media (Re)presentations of Haitian Immigrants in the New Boston.”

2.     Per NORDAHL, Independent Scholar: “Collectives, Trusts, and Transitions: A North-European Perspective on an Ethnic Identity Challenged.”

3.     Motasim ALMWAJA, Indiana University of Pennsylvania: “Decolonizing Ireland and Palestine: Exile, Representation, and the Limits of Experience in Samuel Beckett’s Murphy and Mahmoud Darwish’s Poetry.”


Panel 13: Creating Identity in the Classroom                                        Room 225

Chair: Susan North

1.     Tim SISK, University of Tennessee: “Doing Difference: Embodied Emotion in Composition Pedagogy.”

2.     Bill DOYLE, University of Tennessee: “Let’s Take It Outside: Field Study and the Writing Classroom.”


Film Viewing: Terra Estrangeira (Foreign Land) HSS 71 7:00-9:00