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Forest Products Extension

Wood Properties Short Course

Understanding your raw material is important for any manufacturer. It is especially important when using wood because wood is highly variable and can change properties during processing.

If you are a wood products manufacturer and you would like for your workers to know more about their raw material, please take advantage of UT's Wood Properties Short Course. The course can be customized to focus on the issues that matter most in your situation. The course can be delivered on-site, and can be adjusted to fit any time-frame or audience size that is convenient for you.

Please contact Adam Taylor for more information.

Checks like this are practically unavoidable. Other types of checking can be easily avoided. This short course will explain the difference.

For more information, contact:

Adam M. Taylor
Tennessee Forest Products Center
2506 Jacob Drive
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996

Phone: 865-946-1125
Fax: 865-946-1109

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