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A paper with Rafael Zenni on Failed invasions is now in press in Oikos [PDF]

An encyclopedia article on Keystone Species with Romina Dimarco is now published! [PDF]

Invasive species fail to invade? A paper With Rafael Zenni on the important phenomena of failed invasions has been accepted in Oikos!

A book chapter with Paula Nuñez on the history of the role of national parks in Argentina is now in press!

A paper with Mariano Rodriguez Cabal and Noelia Barrios (with a reply from Jay Stachowicz) is in press now.

I'm getting settled in Bariloche, so nice to be back for good!

We are ready to start the Tree invasion workshop at isla Victoria!

A paper with Ramiro Logares on the importance of improbable but highly influential events (black swans) was accepted in Ideas in Eco. and Evo.

I'm back from a very interesting workshop on weed science and biological invasion hosted near Yellowstone NP in Montana

Back from Patagonia, another great field season with lots of promising datasets and experiments!

I'm now an Associate Editor at Plant Ecology

Our paper on the problems of using invasive species for conservation purposes has been accepted in Conservation Biology!

Back from the Hawaiian islands. It was great to have a chance to meet with Nicole Hynson, and Curt Daehler and his lab

Should we eat invasive species to get rid of them? find what we think about that in this paper in Conservation Letters (PDF)

Our paper on eating invasive species has been featured in two blogs: and!

Dan is now a member of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A., congratulations!

Our paper on native invasives is now published in Ecology (PDF)

I gave a talk on mycorrhizal fungi dispersal at the Mid-Atlantic States Mycological Conference in Knoxville

Sara, Romina, Dan and I just got a paper accepted in Conservation Letters on the pros and cons of eating invasive species to control them.

Back from New Zealand after two great weeks working and traveling with D. Peltzer, I. Dickie, B. Maxwell, N. Ledgard, T. Easdale and others

I gave a talk on the role of mycorrhizal fungi on pine invasion at Landcare, in Lincoln, New Zealand

I'm finishing my field season on Isla Victoria, all the experiments are looking Very good!

Wim van der Putten is visiting our field sites in Patagonia.

A book review of "Invasive and Introduced Plants and Animals: Human Perceptions, Attitudes and Approaches to Management' is out (PDF)

Invasive Species: To eat or not to eat, that is the question", I just gave a talk on that at SAMAB in Ashville, NC

Native species invade, but a lot less than the exotics! Dan, Lara, Noelia, Windy and I just got a paper in press in Ecology showing that [PDF]

I'm in Argentina doing field work and harvesting some experiments on mycorrhizal networks and pine invasion. Data looks Really nice!

Propagule pressure is a great hypothesis and explains a lot, but not everything... Take a look at this recent paper in Oikos  (PDF)

I'm at Austin TX for the ESA annual meeting and I just gave my talk on how different factors affect pine invasion at Isla Victoria

With Anibal Purchard I'm visiting Bruce Maxwell in Bozeman to plan future projects on Pinus contorta in different regions of the world

I'm at the Horton Lab in Syracuse, discussing many ideas and exciting projects with Tom and Jeremy

A paper with Kim Medley on climate, and success and failure in pine invasion was published in Diversity and Distributions (PDF)

I gave a talk and a lecture in the Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate at the University of Copenhaguen.

I'm visiting the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW). 

I'm in NSF in Washington working hard at the Population and Community Ecology Panel

Priscila Edwards defended very successfully her Licenciatura thesis on Alnus invasion, with Puchi and me as her advisors. Congrats Pris!  

I've been working with Jeremy Hayward from Tom Horton's lab on some very interesting ideas on Mycorrhizal ecology and pine invasion at Isla Victoria

Nate Sanders is in Patagonia visiting our field sites. It is great to have him here!

We are done with the 2nd survey (10 years after the 1st!) of invasive trees on Isla Victoria with Dan and Puchi for "Gringos en el bosque 2"!

I'm back from a trip very focused on invasive species to Santiago, Concepcion and Coyhaique, I had a great time with Anibal and his group!

I'm getting ready for a visit to the Laboratory of Biological Invasions at Concepcion, Chile.

Romina is now a PhD candidate!

After two years I did the final harvest on the Florida experiment! Now is time to start working on the data.

I'm now an associate editor in the journal Biological Invasions!

After 850 person/hour of work, we set up a mycorrhizal network experiment on Isla Victoria!

I gave a seminar at the Universidad of Comahue at Bariloche.

A paper with Simberloff and other colleagues on conifer invasion in South America was just published! take a look at it: (PDF)

Want to know what's new regarding conifer invasion in South America? Take a look at this article that we just published (PDF)

We started working on the huge mycorrhizal network experiment that we will set up on Isla Victoria!  

The paper that Anibal and I published on bio. invasions and developed vs. developing countries has been recommended by Faculty of 1000!

The paper on problematics of biological invasions in developed vs. developing countries is in finally out! (PDF)

Officially we can now start working on the NSF grant

I just finished a pine invasion safari in Patagonia with Nick Ledgard from New Zealand.

I gave my third and last talk in the VI Southern Connection Congress. Yesterday we had a great symposium on conifer invasion!

NSF informed us that our proposal on ectomycorrhizal fungal spread and its relation to Pine invasion will be recommended for funding!!!

Our special issue in Biological Invasions on the role of invasive herbivores is finally out. Congratulations to all the authors!

Field work is going very well on Isla Victoria.

After several days of field work, thousands of seeds planted and gallons of tanglefoot applied, I set up the "year 2" set of experiments in FL!

A paper with Puchi Relva on how deer affects the invasion of exotic trees was published online in Biological Invasions. (PDF)

A paper with Joe and Jen on the worldwide problems of exotic herbivores (part of our special issue on the subject) is available now! (PDF)

Ever wondered when nurse plants stop nursing? Here is an answer: PDF

A paper with Dan Simberloff on the history, ecology and management of pine invasion in South America is available on Austral Ecology. (PDF)

I set up two experiments on Isla Victoria to further understand the role of soil biota on pine invasion

Our paper on how mycorrhizal fungi can limit the spread of pines was recommended in Faculty of 1000

I was in a pine invasion safari with Dave Richardson and other colleagues in the Stellenbosch area in S. Africa. It was just great!

I'm at EMAPI, it is a wonderful meeting! Our symposium on pine invasion was very interesting with great talks, discussions, and ideas for future studies

The special feature on exotic herbivores that I co-edited with Joe Bailey and Jen Schweitzer is done! Look for it in a few months in Biological Invasions

A paper with Tom Horton and Dan Simberloff on how the lack of belowground mutualisms can limit plant invasion was published in Ecology! (PDF)

A paper with Anibal Pauchard on the problematics of biological invasions in developed vs. developing countries is in press in Bio. Invasions (PDF)

A paper with  Mariano, Kathy and Nate on how exotic species disrupt seed dispersal is in press at Biology Letters (PDF)

I gave lectures and a lab in Florida for grad students, it was a really nice experience!

My sister Paula  defended her PhD in Philosophy studying some topics relate to ecology

I'm organizing a symposium on pine invasions with Aníbal Pauchard and Ramiro Bustamante for the EMAPI conference in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

I gave a lecture at UCF in an Ecology class for grad students. I'm glad that I'll have a chance to teach a part of the course later this semester

We are starting to receive MS for an special feature of the journal Biological Invasions that I'm editing with Joe and Jen, very exciting papers!

I'm giving a seminar talk next week (Feb 2nd) at the U. of Central Florida, hope to see you there!

I started to contribute on a blog on ecology and evolutionary ecology, check it out

After 18 days of field work, thousands of seeds planted, gallons of tanglefoot applied, and tens of m2 of mesh cut, we set up the experiment

I’m setting up an experiment in Orlando on how different factors affect the invasion of many highly invasive plant species. It is looking nice!

A paper on how seed predation could halt pine invasion is out! (PDF)

We attended a great symposium at the University of Kentucky on bio-invasions

I gave a talk at the national parks headquarters in Bariloche on factors affecting pines invasions (check it out, it is in Español!)

I'm in Argentina doing fieldwork on the role of mycorrhizae on pine invasion

A paper with my friends Mariano and Andres on protected areas and endemism in Patagonia is out (PDF)

Back from ESA, it was a great meeting. If you missed my talk here you can see a PDF of it

Hope to see you at this talk at the ESA meeting next week!

We visited the U. of Tennessee field station at the Smoky Mountains; it is a great place for fieldwork!

My friend Lara defended her PhD! Congrats!

I'm back from Argentina

Romina started to work as a PhD student!

I'm back from field work in Florida

If you want to now about role of exotic deer on pine invasion, this paper was just published (PDF)

An article with Dave Richardson and Brian van Wilgen on conifer invasions, South America, and a short fuse is out (PDF)

I defended my PhD!

If you are tired of reading papers Or of walking in the woods this may be helpful: (PDF)


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