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In Loving Memory
1LT Frank Walkup

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This march was created to honor one of our fallen UT alumni, 1LT Frank Walkup who was killed in Iraq when an improvised explosive device detonated near his position. The 2005 graduate was assigned to the 25th Infantry Division and was a Ranger School Graduate. The event has now grown to a tribute which honors all of our fallen American Heroes and Veterans, past, present, and future.

Alongside the Memorial March, we will conduct a special ceremony for the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. each mother will be honored in the ceremony by presenting a Gold Star Flag to a team marching in honor of their fallen service member. Gold Star Mothers is an organization of mothers formed in 1928 who have lost their sons or daughters to combat. The team will carry the flag and return it to the mother at the completion of the march thus, "Honor through Action".

Donating to: Mountain Man Memorial March
Donating to local and regional Veterans Charities in 1LT Walkup's name. 20% of all proceeds and 100% of all on-site collections the day of the event and fund drives prior to the event will be donated to selected charities. Charities will be nominated and chosen by voting member organizations to include; University of Tennessee's Army and Airforce ROTC programs. The East Tennessee Military Affairs Council (ETMAC) and the Veterans of Foreign Wars local post 6598 with their local district command.

  • 2010 Winners Appalachian State, NC
  • 2010 Individual Winners
  • Road March