Class Presentations: Critical Approaches to Race, Class, and Gender


In-Class Presentation:
On a day of your choosing, you will help open discussion on one of the dayís readings by providing an illustration of a key point in the reading.  Look to your own experience of popular culture to guide you.  Draw your examples from music, TV, the web, movies, or any other place you might see them.  Your mission is to help your colleagues find ways to read their own culture through the theoretical and critical ideas in this class.  You will need to sign up for a presentation in class.

Unit Two:  War and Masculinity

Feb. 19:  Rogin, "Ronald Reaganóthe Movie"; Engelhardt, from The End of the Victory Culture (both CP)
 Guest:  George White, History

Feb. 21:  Faludi, chs.  1-2

Feb. 26: Kellner ch. 2-3  Screen Three Kings
Feb. 28: Kellner ch. 6, Faludi ch. 8   Take-Home  Test #1
Unit Three:  Production,  Consumption, and Late Capitalism

Mar. 5:  Kellner, ch. 4,  Garnham, "Political Economy and Cultural Studies," (CSR) Bourdieu, "How Can One Be a Sports Fan" (CSR)

 Screen Roger and Me and/or Living on the Edge
Mar. 7: Moore, "Is the Left Nuts?", Piven, from Regulating the Poor Guest:  Jon Shefner, Sociology

Mar. 12:  Morris, "Things to do with Shopping Centers," (CSR); Hebdige, "The Function of Subculture,"

Mar. 14: Walser, "Forging Masculinity: Heavy Metal Sounds and Images of Gender," (CP) Straw, "Characterizing Rock Music Culture" (CSR) Guest: Leslie Gay, Music Unit Four:  Sexuality in the Heartland
Mar. 26:   Faludi, ch. 3, 10 Mar. 28: Robinson, "Touring Thailandís Sex Industry," (CP) Guest:  Lydia Pulsipher, Geography April 2:  Sedgwick, from Axiomatic(CSR), Minkowitz, "Love and Hate in Laramie." April 4: Butler, "Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire"  Take-Home Test #2

April 9:  Appiah, "Liberalism Individuality, and Identity"; Williams, Alchemy of Race and Rights, part 1 Guest:  David Reidy, Philosophy

April 11: Williams, Alchemy of Race and Rights, parts 2 and 3. April 16: Williams, Alchemy of Race and Rights, 4; Cornel West, "New Cultural Politics of Difference" April 18: Reading from Peter Wade, TBA Guest: Faye Harrison, Anthropology
  Proposal for Final Research Project Due April 20

April 23:  Hall, "Cultural Studies and Its Theoretical Legacies," (CS)

April  25:  During, "Introduction," April 30:  Wrap-up.