Justice is the best mental health intervention

 Social Welfare, Social Justice and
Environmental Degradation


Focus on Children, Poverty and
Environmental Degradation





Global Poverty Trap (Durning's 1989 Model)**

Environmental Problems 

(deforestation, natural resource depletion, chemical contamination of air, water, land pollution, toxic waste)

Consequences for Children

(physical, mental, emotional, economic)

Strategies to Improve



Lack of productive assets
Poor health
Population pressures
Political powerlessness






Domestic policies and development schemes that discriminate against poor citizens






Flow of goods and services
National debt burdens
High interest rates
Rising capital flight





*Durning, A. B. (1989). Poverty and the Environment: Reversing the Downward Spiral.
Worldwatch Paper 92. Washington, DC: Worldwatch Institute. [See also Rogge (2000)].

Applications of
Children, Poverty and
Environmental Degradation Framework

China | India | Peru | Mexico | Poland | Ghana

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Social Work Research on Environmental Threats

Social Work and Environment Bibliography

Environmental Threats and Social Work Interventions

Social Work Interventions: Micro to Macro

International Conventions on Environment, Children and Youths

Global Conventions

A Sampling of International Environmental and Children's NGOs and IGOs

IGOs and International NGOs

Internet Resources for Children, Environment and Poverty

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United Nations and other International Governmental Organizations (IGOs)

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Sustainable Development Indicators and Instruments

Participatory Action Research


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This website contains links to documents prepared for the following two presentations:

Mary E. Rogge, "Poverty, Environmental Degradation, and Development: Strengthening Collaborative Strategies to Protect Current and Future Generations." at "Poverty, NGO's and Development: Global Dimensions and New Directions", 10th International Symposium of the Inter-University Consortium for International Social Development, in affiliation with The Social Fund for Development (Egypt). Cairo, Egypt, June 28-July 2, 1998. 

Mary E. Rogge and Marie D. Hoff, "Global Environmental Degration and Social Justice: A Role for Social Work in Building a Sustainable Future", with Marie D. Hoff, Ph.D. at "Promoting Human Well-being: Addressing the Forces Shaping Society", 28th International Conference of Social Welfare, Jerusalem, Israel, July 6 1998.

University of Tennessee College of Social Work (UTCSW)

UTCSW Children's Mental Health Services Research Center

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