Michael L. Bentley, EdD   

Selected papers and presentations 
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button Fleury, S. & Bentley, M. (2018). Crisis and Hope: The Role of Contingency in Neoliberal Educational Reforms. Paper presented at the VIII International Conference on Critical Education, University of East London, London, U.K.

EE Bentley, M. (2017, Feb.). Feynman’s Lecture to U.S. Science Teachers on “What Is Science” and Today’s Mistrust of Science. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting, Association of Teacher Educators, Orlando, Florida.

EE Bentley, M.L. (2014). Introduction: Preparing the Next Generations to Face the Future. In M.L. Bentley, M. Mueller & B. Martin. (Eds.). Connecting Children: Ideas and Activities for Parents and Educators (pp. 2-16). Bethany, Oklahoma: Wood 'N' Barnes.

EE  Bentley, M.L. (2010). Environmental Education in an Age of Standards and Videophilia. Science Education Review, 9(2), pp. 70-79.

  Bentley, M.L. (2010). Toward Awakening Consciousness. In D.J. Tippins, M.P. Mueller, M. van Eijck & J.D. Adams. (Eds.). Cultural Studies And Environmentalism: The Confluence of Ecojustice, Place-Based (Science) Education, and Indigenous Knowledge Systems (pp. 29-41). New York: Springer.

   Bentley, M.L. (2009, November). Environmental Education in an Era of Nature Deficit Disorder. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Studies Association, Pittsburgh, PA.

   Mueller, M. & Bentley, M. (2009). Environmental and Science Education in ‘Developing Nations’: A Ghanaian Approach to Renewing and Revitalizing the Local Community and Ecosystems. The Journal of Environmental Education, 40(4), 53-64.

   Morgan, S.C., Hamilton, S., & Bentley, M.L., & Myrie, S. (2009). Environmental Education in Botanic Gardens: Exploring Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Project Green Reach. Journal of Environmental Education, 40(4), 35-52.

  Bentley, M.L., Fleury, S.C., & Garrison, J.W. (2007). Critical Constructivism for Teaching and Learning in a Democratic Society. Journal of Thought, 42(2), 9-22.

   Mueller, M. & Bentley, M. (2007). Beyond the Decorated Landscapes of Educational Reform: Toward Democratic and Environmental Landscapes in Science Education. Science Education, 91(2), 321-338.

   Bentley, M.L. (2005). Standards and Field Studies: Pedagogical Issues in Environmental Education in the US. (Keynote). Taiz University Research Journal, Special Issue: Proceedings of the Third Scientific Conference on the Environment and Natural Resources, Taiz University. Aden, Republic of Yemen: Aden University Printing and Publishing House.

  Bentley, M.L. & Alouf, J.L. (2004). Professional Development for Elementary Teachers: The Value of Modeling Inquiry. Paper presented at Regional Meeting, National Science Teachers Association, Richmond, VA.

  Bentley, M.L. (2004). Elementary Science Education: A Look at How British Schools Do It (and Assess It). Paper presented at Regional Meeting, National Science Teachers Association, Richmond, VA.

   Bentley, M.L. (2003). Introducing Critical Constructivism: Critical consciousness through a Critical Constructivist pedagogy. Paper presented at Annual Meeting, American Educational Studies Association, Mexico City, MX.

  Bentley, M. L. (2003). Using On-Line Technologies in Science Education. Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the School Science and Mathematics Association, Columbus, OH.

   Bentley, M. L. (2001). Moving Growth Points: Curriculum Considerations beyond the 'Standards.' Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the School Science and Mathematics Association, Chicago, IL.

   Bentley, M. L. (2001). Science Education in a Curriculum for Democratic Citizenship. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Virginia Association of Science Teachers, Richmond, Virginia.

   Bentley, M. L. (2000). Improvisational Drama and the Nature of Science. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 11(1): 63-75.

   Saurino, D., Bentley, M., Glasson, G., & Casey, D. (2000). Urban and Rural Students Collaborate: Video Teleconferencing Technology in Science Teacher Preparation. Science Education International, 11(3): 19-25.

   Glasson, G. E. & Bentley, M. L. (2000). Epistemological Undercurrents in Scientists' Reporting of Research to Teachers. Science Education, 84, 469-485.

  Bentley, M. L. (1999).  Science Education in the New Millennium. In M. J. Benson & J. J. Lesko, (Eds.), Child and Adolescent Learning in Math and Science: Parents, Teachers, and Communities Working Together. Blacksburg, VA: Virginia Tech, pp. 34-45.

   Tomblin, D. & Bentley, M.L. (1998). Colonizing the Red Planet: An interdisciplinary activity. Science Activities, 35(2): 28-34.

   Bentley, M.L. (1995). Carpe diem: Making the Most of the Teachable oment. Science Activities, 32(3), 23-27.

Past Projects 

Community High School  - Founding committee, 1999-2001; Board, 2002-2012; Board Co-Chair, 2001-2010.

hollins  Elementary Science Institute for Teachers - Director. Funded by seven Improving Teacher Quality professional development grants to Hollins University through the State Council for Higher Education of Virginia, 2001-02, 2007-08, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014.

 Impact+Amplify - Board member. An NGO exploring the edge between environment and culture, and, more concretely, planning an internationally-themed botanical garden in the Barrens wetlands, Roanoke, Virginia.

  Plowshare Peace Center - Board member, and activist. The oldest peace and social justice organization in Virginia working to address many interrelated issues, from climate change to the wars in the Middle East. Chair, Lobbying, Public Information, and Vigil Committees, 2006 –

ed.com  Member, Expert Panel, Education.com, 2007 – 2014 and Editor, Special Edition on Nature Deficit Disorder (2009)

  Virginia Museum of Natural History, Education Associate,  2010 – 2015


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