Michael L. Bentley, EdD
 Educational Consultations



    Science and environmental education:

Schooling: Curriculum,  assessment and evaluation

Museum and Informal  Education:  Programming, exhibit planning, evaluation

Professional development

Writing and editing

My skill set:

  •  Organizing workshops and courses for teachers – can address science content and/or pedagogy: inquiry teaching, nature of science, differentiated instruction, teaching with technology, integrating science across the curriculum (social studies, math, ELA;

  •  coaching – in active learning strategies, questioning, differentiation;

  •  facilitating development/implementation: science and environmental education programs;

  •  creating curriculum materials, instructional guides, and recommending instructional resources;

  •  conducting evaluations of school/museum/agency programs and exhibits;

  •  facilitating grant applications;

  •  providing support for on-line continuing education and providing resources for client educational and traing projects.

Contact: 540-389-3752 or mbentle1@utk.edu .

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