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On a fossil hunt with 5th grade students, Roanoke, VA, 1975.

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Prof. Bentley with some of the 30 teachers participating in the 2013 Hollins University Elementary Science Institute, at the Virginia Museum of Natural History

Michael L. Bentley, EdD
Associate Professor
Science and Environmental Education (retired)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

                           E-mail: mbentle1@utk.ed

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Bentley, M., Mueller, M., Martin, B. (Eds.). (2014). Connecting Children: Ideas and Activities for Parents and Educators. Bethany, Oklahoma: Wood 'N' Barnes.

Connecting Children to Nature is a practical, how-to book grounded in theory and research. We live in critical times for the planet; how our kids are growing up matters. The digital world is useful, and fun, but should not dominate their lives. Play and outdoor recreation balances screen time for a healthier development of body and mind. Society benefits too. Chapter are written by professionals – scientists and educators, to help parents and teachers connect kids to the outdoors and foster a love of living things. That connection to nature becomes a touchstone for the choices they make living out their lives at home and in society. Find activities utilizing different outdoor settings, from backyard and neighborhood to study abroad. Fresh ideas and helpful resources are here for parenting kids, from infants to teens and beyond. Our goal: helping kids grow in their naturalist intelligence and develop a critical consciousness. (Amazon bookseller)