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The climate in Knoxville is moderate when compared to most other American cities. The temperature will be about 90° F/35°C in summer and lows of about 10° F/-12°C in winter. Knoxville also gets snow for a couple of times in January. Since most Indians find it difficult to adapt to the winter climate, it is advisable to have protective clothing including jackets, glouse, muffler etc. While these are cheaper in India, we suggest that you buy them here, since these items are of much better quality here.



  • Within UTK Campus : Free ride on regular routes operated at regular intervals. More information can be seen in the transit tab of UT app. Call in and request ride from points that are not covered by these routes.
  • Outside UTK campus : KAT offers a wide range of bus services in Knoxville. UT students are offered a semester pass at a discounted price.
  • Average cost of groceries - $225 / month / person. Average cost per meal in a restaurant - $9.
  • UTK students get a discounted semester KAT bus pass from ticketing office located in the university center, go to link
  • Intercity (or state) : Greyhound offers intercity and interstate bus services.
  • Renting a car is easy if you have a valid driver’s license issued by an US state or International driving license.


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